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  1. Dc: I Am Driving As Well As Lewis

    Surely DC has already a big enough HEAD without pumping himslef up to comparisons to Lewis. For a start Coulthard cannot beat his team mate in qualy and since the new qualy rules over the last few years has really struggled. Has he made int into the 3rd qualy this year yet?? I am not sure. Some of the races he has driven well, but also he has suffered reliability issues along with MW. I wouldnt be bragging about a 5th place and a 9th here and there, would you?
  2. Who Is Best Suited To Help Toyota Regain Credibility?

    The shape that Toyota is in at the moment I dont think even getting Shumi out of retirement will help them, their management is too top heavy and they have no one that knows how to build an aero efficient car, in 2005 they were strong and have fallen back even behind Spyker at Monaco, what a joke, embarrassing for the $400M per year investment and a $25M driver in ralfie is money wasted BIG time
  3. Most Under-rated Driver In F1?

    To accurately assess a driver's rating as either good, under rated or over rated you need to look at thier performance in all types of machinery ie. crap cars like minardi and better cars currently like ferrari and renault and in other times williams and mclaren when they were on top of their game. Kimi Raikonnen Sauber average performance McLaren improved remarkably (was it the car) Felipe Massa Sauber average performance Ferrari improved performance (car again) Nick Heidfeld Sauber average Williams average line ball performance with Webber but did manage a few lucky podiums BMW Sauber better but whipped by new boy Kubica Fernando Alonso Minardi no points finishes in the back of the grid every race Renault first season mid grid folowing two seasons great performances (car again) Jarno Trulli Jordan average performance ( one lucky win) Renault outclassed by Alonso 70 % of the time Toyota mid grid performances with occasssional podium, known as the "TRulli Train" holding up others Ralf Schumacher Jordan average Williams won several GPs and many podiums ( class leading BMW engine at the time) Toyota average performance Mark Webber Minardi punched above his weight in many races finishing in the points and just outside top 8 on several ocassions ( in a crap car) Jaguar strong in qualifying and racing to 17 points one season performance dimishing as Ford money dried up Williams Strong drives but was running strongly on many drives but poor reliability one podium many top 8 finishes All this goes to show that IF all drivers were given the same equipment, THEN you could rate them as good, bad or ugly
  4. Who Are Your Top 3 Drivers In F1?

    If you discount the car they race in (as no two team's cars are the same), to accurately assess a "good" driver and a "top" driver you need to look at all the qualities that make a top driver. 1. Fitness 2. Racecraft 3.Courage 4.Leadership 5. Experience 6.Dedication 7.Good under pressure(in a race) Alonso 8 8 8 7 7 7 8 Raikkonen 6 6 7 3 7 3 6 Button 7 7 7 6 7 7 7 Massa 7 7 7 5 6 7 6 Webber 9 8 8 8 6 8 7 Fisichella 7 6 6 5 8 7 5 Coulthard 8 7 7 6 9 8 6 RSchumacher 6 7 6 5 8 7 6 Trulli 6 6 6 5 8 7 5 Makes you think, doesnt it??
  5. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    You seem to forget that mark has retired from races on numerous occassions this year due to technical failures whilst being in the top four or five, so he has thrown away about 20 odd points due to that!!!
  6. Best Of The Rest

    I think based on 2006 webbo has been driving really well, but the car's fialures has caused him to be invisible. Melbourne he was leading the race and looking to finish top four before a gearbox failure, Malaysia was looking strong (top 3) before the hydraluics let go. Monaco a podium was beckoning and the exhaust slit and burnt the wiring. So three high points finishes have really slipped him out of sight, but he has been qualifying very well and let down by williams in the races. He has surley put Nico in the shade so far this year. Jenson has had a pretty ordinary year, but the car has shown signs of brilliance but not in race trim
  7. Who's Contract Expires This Year?

    it is cheaper to buy a driver who has no existing contract, as you dont have to pay extra to buy their contract from the current holder,as their is a legally enforceable contract in force. ie, if MS is being paid at ferrari $50M per year and has two years to run, you may have to pay ferrari $30M a year for them to release him from his contract on top of his requested salary of $50M = $80M per year cost
  8. Webber's Charity Challenge

    Yes, Mark is to be congratualted, I don't hear of too many other F1 Drivers going out of their way to help charities. I read an article in F1Racing magazine where the reporter went on the tassie challenge with Mark back in 2003 and he couldn't keep up, there was some pretty serious teams entered. One from the police force's elite Special Operation Group that kept Mark's team very honest throughout the ordeal. Cheers
  9. Stop Saying That Sato Is Not Good!!

    Even sato in his sh*tbox "not so super" aguri could easily to pass Barichello (he was missing 3rd gear in his car), have you ever tried to drive fast with one of your gears missing???
  10. Rosberg A Dark Horse For 2006

    A "dark Horse" is a term which means as someone/something who is not considered a favourite as they may be youthful or inexperienced, but may cause a surprise.
  11. 2006 F1 Season - Round 1 - Bahrain

    Jenson, excellent post and it sums up the weekend pretty accurately. I really enjoyed the GP and thought it was one of the more enjoyable to watch as the cars were actually close togther and there were some great scraps Jens and Raikko for third place, Schumi and Alonso for 1st and even Nico coming through the pack to end up a credible 7th. I hope Malaysia will be just as entertaining. Will you be doing this for all GPs? I hope so. Cheers Holly
  12. Australian Viewers

    I agree as I have just got a pretty generic email back to my email I senbt to them as follows:- Thanks for taking the time to email us. As a one off, Network TEN will be airing the F1 qualifying from round 1 in Bahrain as we look at the new qualifying format. We will not be airing any other qualifying rounds after bahrain, accept at the Australian Grand Prix. Network TEN will not be running the box during the commercial break As ITV.and due to contractual obligations, we are unable to re-play any F1 races. Kind Regards The RPM Team www.rpmlive.tv Wow thanks Channel TEN and rpm!!!!
  13. Australian Viewers

    Hi RPM/Channel Ten, Whilst on the whole your broadcast is an excellent service to the public. I have some questions ands suggestions for you: I have written an email to rpm (channle 10) and I urge you to do the same. email address is [email protected] 1.It would be appreciated by many if you could show qualifying either live or even delayed an hour or two on the day it happens. Especially as this year is the exciting knockout style elimination qualifying. ITV does it, Asia Sky TV do it and so does many, many other country
  14. Mercedes Engine Is The Least Powerful On The Grid

    Winter testing is not an accurate guide, the cars are not scrutinised therefore you can run the car underweight or overtuned engine to run a handful of quick laps, put on super sticky tyres etc. etc. to get a good one lap time. I would rather the sites report the best average lap for the day taking into account their long runs to see has "consistent pace", rather than a one lap wonder.