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  1. Downforce Restrictions, Wings And Fins

    I disagree. The 1960s were technically the best times for overtaking - all the cars actually produced lift in their normal trim; when running behind another car the lift would be reduced (like downforce is now) and the cars following actually had more grip. You get this phenomena in some single seater categories now. I agree there: in the turbo era the cars ran less wing rear wing and had more straight line speed and were able to follow better. But one thing I cannot understand is why the FIA haven't reduced the retardation of the brakes. ATM they are far too powerful and the braking distances as a result are far too small. In a dry face this plays a huge part.
  2. Tyres

    Bring in Avon - hopefully, with little experience, they will make a tyre will little grip that degrades like hell to improve the racing.