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  1. From Not content with Jenson Button's podium in Malaysia, BAR have vowed to start winning races having finally delivered a good game rather than just talked one. Whereas BAR's two previous podiums, earned by Jacques Villeneuve in 2001, were somewhat fortuitous, Button's was anything but. The Englishman was the third fastest driver on show and had overtaken McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen for third even before the Finn had to retire. Having set some devastatingly fast laps in winter testing, the result was full vindication of BAR boss Dave Richards' persistent pre-season boasting that his team were on the verge of a breakthrough to challenge the big three. "We have proven that what we did over the winter was no game, that this is really where we are. There is no point talking a good game, you have to be able to deliver," Richards told The Telegraph. "I said that last year was a year of building and this was the year we had to put some results on the board. "To be honest it is the least I expected. Now we have to take it on. We have some new parts coming in Bahrain and in Imola, where we expect rather than hope to be competing for podium places." Geoff Willis, the designer of the BAR006, has set his sights even higher. “We would now very much like our first win. It’s stronger than a wish — it’s our plan," he said. "Jenson has been the bridesmaid for so long that to get on the podium is very strong for him. As soon as you have broken through that barrier you know you can do it again."
  2. Zonta to take on Laguna Seca ITV Toyota test driver Ricardo Zonta is to run a TF106 on the Laguna Seca circuit in California this weekend and is targeting speeds of up to 195mph at the world-famous venue. The Brazilian will be behind the wheel of the 2006 machine at the American road course on Saturday and Sunday during the annual Monterey Historic Automobile Races. The demonstration run is part of showcase illustrating the evolution of the Formula 1 car and the Japanese-manufacturer is delighted to have the chance to give US race fans a second look at F1 this season.
  3. JV: Faster Or Slower Than Heidfeld?

    Good point, Fed up. NH was, of course, caught up in the incident with JPM (and the rest)
  4. Zonta To Take On Laguna Seca

    Tony George has signed a one-year extension - the US GP will stay at the brickyard in 2007. Will it be Las Vegas in 2008?
  5. DC: 'I Want To Win Races Again'

    Murray makes some good points. I think that he
  6. JV: Faster Or Slower Than Heidfeld?

    I agree Murray. NH earned more points for BMW than JV did and this is surely more important than fastest laps and qualifying positions?
  7. A Level Results

    Well done Ben. What was your second choice, btw?
  8. Zonta To Take On Laguna Seca

    I quite agree
  9. Mclaren Is Going To Drop Kimi?

    Johnnie Walker has sponsored McLaren since 2005.
  10. DC: 'I Want To Win Races Again'

    DC is only 35 years, 4 months and 20 days old. At this age, Damon Hill and Nigel Mansell still hadn
  11. DC: 'I Want To Win Races Again'

    RBR are set to have a solid driver line-up next season. The same, no doubt, cannot be said of their B-Team.
  12. DC: 'I Want To Win Races Again'

    With Red Bull
  13. JV: Faster Or Slower Than Heidfeld?

    Whether NH was faster than JV or not, it was certainly a close contest, and since MT was happy with NH
  14. DC: 'I Want To Win Races Again'

    DC might well add to his tally of wins now that Adrian Newey has joined RBR. DC could, potentially, eclipse the win counts of other great British drivers such as Graham Hill and Stirling Moss
  15. Honda Bids To Save Suzuka

    That would put the emphasis back squarely on man, and not machine. It would also drastically improve the show, something Bernie thinks is quite unimportant when considered against his bank statement. Sadly, it probably will never happen.
  16. Mclaren Is Going To Drop Kimi?

    On holiday.
  17. Another Newbie

    medilloni! PS. Why Alan Jones?
  18. Indeed, but Labatt's did sponsor Williams in 1996 as well, at the end of their 194 race partnership with the Williams team. No doubt they were pleased that JV was signed.
  19. Mclaren Is Going To Drop Kimi?

    Really? Either way it should be interesting. If reports are accurate, we should find out what
  20. Button Lacks Commitment

    He is the most successful driver in absolute terms but not in relative terms (when we account for the fact that he