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  1. Mad Max, Just Ego Or Nuts?

    SUBIEDUDE as in Subaru, the car I rallied for many years........what your comment has to do with the topic escapes me....
  2. Mad Max, Just Ego Or Nuts?

    Why do journalists still talk to Mosley? He acts like a total whacko and says so many stupid things, just like he was still in charge of FIA. He actually believes he will be put back in his old position. Just like a politician, they never know when it is time to go.
  3. Porsche Looking At F1

    I suspect VW/AUDI/Porsche group will opt to be an engine supplier instead. They know that running an entire F1 team is a huge cost with dubious return. They watched BMW dump huge sums and came up empty. This is what they did in the past with the TAG motors which were dominant for many years plus they have a nearly unmatched experience in turbo motors.
  4. To the KIMI bashers, remember the wild rides he took in his McLaren while handily leading many races and the car decided to come apart on him at the worst moment. This happened multiple times to him but not his team mate. He still ran hard and won many races after these but not many drivers would do well after so many bad offs caused by the vehicle. I am not a hard fan of his, but he has always marched to different drummer than the rest, so it is no surprise he is doing something new and different, and as I said before, top level WRC is a bigger rush than running F1, it just does not pay as much $$$. If he comes back to F1, he has said it must be a competitive ride, not something to run around in the mid-pack.
  5. Ferrari Smile Wiped - My Guess

    guess the smile is still there, no more issue. fini.....but FIA must still deal with this eventually.
  6. Ferrari Keeps _Smiling_

    Regardless of the results of this investigation/hearing, I continue to feel ever more foolish for even watching F1 with another onslaught of totally stupid rules coming to down grade the so-called epitomy of motorsports. I do long for the days of the original CAN-AM series, no limits road racing, now that was exciting and entertaining...with no politics, but it did have the German Panzer that laid waste to the competition by technological advantage and eventually killed it. But I remember watching the 917-30 which was amazingly quiet, fast and dominating....... just others could not keep up when they found that Porsche had a multi-turbo 16 cylinder (1800 hp) ready if needed. Maybe today now that we have so many supercars pushing the limits well beyond 200 mph, some new players could join the game without all the constantly changing rules. What would you rather watch?
  7. Ground Effect, Turbos Set For F1 Return

    Making F1 interesting is going to be very difficult unless the rules change to allow more technology and creativity thus becoming less boring. The engine deal is understandable and going with displacement of say 2.0 liters and no demand on how many cylinders is good for technology. Turbochargers OK and no boost limit, but a limit on total fuel quantity for each event and just change to methanol/alcohol that so everyone uses the same fuel as in Indy car. This looks green, makes more power, BUT the volume is increased by at least 50% due to consumption of alcohol verses a gasoline based fuel, thus leading to more creativity as to where to put it on the vehicle. Any transmission would be acceptable regardless of number of gears or even CVT. Aero is always an issue and it would be nice to make it wide open within given dimensions of the vehicle, then tied to this is tire size. Going to 18s on an open wheel car is not necessarily a good idea as it limits tire compliance and makes spring rates and dampers even more critical. 15" wheels seems like a better choice so the overall diameters can stay smaller. I would like to see a variety of tire companies involved to shake up the mix. So even if the racing is not as close as we would like, largely due to teams making sure it is not, the rest of the picture is more interesting. Lastly and very importantly, testing and practice days should be dramatically increased. This is good to make certain the cars are sorted and safe, plus it allows the younger drivers to get the experience they need to be competitive so they are not discounted as not up to it, e.g. Sutil. It becomes increasingly more difficult to bring on new talent with the current limitations. As we all know, F1 is driven by money in every aspect thanks to Bernie's devotion to the gold and not the competition, and this is why we have races throughout the middle east and asia where they accept that they are going to lose lots of money to Bernie, and they can afford it.......for now.
  8. Kimi is not really gone yet....... and is it a coincidence that his rally sponsor is Red Bull?
  9. Vettel For Rehab?

    I dont think we really know what happened yesterday as it may have been a combination of mis-judgement, brake problem or wet weather. We do know that SV has had more than his share of vehicle failures and if had not had those, he would be leading the championship. He accepted responsibility for the incident and apologized to JB in person. The fact is that SV is very fast and has more potential talent than anyone else in the field. Lewis is a huge talent and IMO he is several steps better than JB. Young fast drivers make mistakes and sometimes they have car failures. Thinking of Kimi and he lost two championships due to major car failures at McLaren that nearly killed him. The older the drivers get, the more experience and knowledge thy gain to know what potential problems could happen if they make a certain move. SV needed this twice this year in his incidents with Webber and JB. Things need to fall in place for SV soon or he may never improve or win a championship as so many talented guys before experienced.
  10. The Usf1 Team In 2011

    They are done, fini, gone, liquidated and embarassed. I doubt any new players will enter the game from USA. The smart guys like Penske, Ganassi wont play Bernie's game.
  11. Kimi always said he would not come back unless it was a competitive ride. Renault is the closest to wanting him but they are not there yet and may not be. The irony is RB is using their engines and doing much better. Kimi does not need the money and the rush of competitive WRC is hard to match. He is in a learning curve but happy doing rally. We all know F1 is hugely political and most of the people are very aloof which is a major turnoff especially when the racing is pretty boring with lead changes dictated by pit strategy. For myself, having raced SCCA, IMSA, F Atlantic, and then going to rally, it is majorly addictive and I really have little interest in road racing. I do wish I had the $$$ to rally today, but it is simply too expensive now. I can very much relate to Kimi's attitude about all of this.
  12. 2011 Rumour Mill

    Gee Dribbler, sure got your hair on fire. Ref Massa, go look at how he made it obvious for Alonso to pass and then he pouted and walked off during the ceremonies. If he was a team player, he would have acted like all was OK and he just could not keep up the pace, and of course made the pass appear more difficult or make an error in the corner, not just slowing down. I think most people saw this eventhough you apparently did not. Ref Red Bull, historically teams have had a very difficult time having two top drivers and this is the current situation which is leading to hostility and frustration. Additionally, two years ago Haug said he wanted to hire Vettel for Mercedes when they were trying to buy McLaren. you have to admit Vettel has had his problems with the team and car. He should be leading the championship handily, but alas he is not. Teams find a way of sorting out problem drivers and, as always, money is the real driver here. The teams have the money and they will find a way to make things happen. Now why you find that you need to insult me is probably your frustration of discovering that your manure does not stick to the wall.
  13. 2011 Rumour Mill

    Given the current level of insanity going on in F1, I would expect the following: Ferrari: Massa will leave because of his childish antics that created this team orders debacle. Kubica will then move to Ferrari, Massa to Renault Mercedes, watch for Michael to leave and Vettel to move there. Michael is there to help Ross sort out the car and as a placeholder for Seb Who will go to Red Bull is open question, but strange things happen, think about Braun winning the championship and DWC, then losing both drivers. Weird I often wonder why I even watch this crazy racing with no passing, no challenging and stupid rules and penalties..... pit stop strategy seems to frequently dictate the standings.
  14. Button To Quit F 1

    Yeah, I think that is old news.....about 4 races ago I think.
  15. Hungarian Gp

    So the RBs have it in hand, now can they convert cleanly? Why do I think the first 4 corners are going to be telling? History seems to dictate some kind of mess from desperation and the red cars may well be part of it.........Scuderia's 3 second deal may be another mess again.