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  1. Most Beautiful F1 Car

    ... my favorite, of all time: ... once upon a time, when F1 drivers knew how to shift, the incomparable RE30b, at speed: ... the most beautiful F1 car, ever made: ... tribute, to Collin's Lotus 49: ... no two ways about it, most awesome F1 machine ever made: ... at the hands of the flamboyant Frenchman, smoothest driver ever to grace Formula 1: ... my vote for the most unforgettable F1 car of all time: ... after Bernie's BT46b-ALFA Romeo, nothing would ever be the same. Best, ~ S a m u e l ////////////////////////////////////////////
  2. Dan Gurney'S Accident

    ... it was LeMans, in the 1960s. Pete Brock's Cobra Daytona, drivers getting front end lift, down the Mulsanne. Dan grabbed an engineer, took him for a spin. Engineers relieved the hood on the Daytona, with venturies, to circulate dirty coming through the radiator, out the top of the hood. Top edges of those venturies, you'll see "flaps." FYI: 1971, Dan Gurney had already retired-- QED, asj.
  3. ... it's not young Lewis's fault. Jenson and Lewis are paid to put points on the table, for McLaren. If Lewis can effectively exploit preferential treatment he receives, that extra bit of wiggle room Charlie Whiting affords him, then Lewis is duty-bound to cheat the rules, deliver that net benefit he creates, to McLaren. It's subsequently up to the FIa to swiftly intervene, restore impartiality, and a sense of fair play. If the sanctioning body is unable to do so, then writing's on the wall, and F1's days are numbered. Problem 1: this guy in the safety car's an utterly worthless BTCC neanderthal, driving a half million dollar Mercedes with his brain in neutral who couldn't think his way out of a paper sack. Problem 2: acting-steward Heinz Harald-Frentzen was ineffectual. He failed. Miserably. Problem 3: 2010 Grand Prix of Europe unmistakeably revealed what everyone's suspected, all along. Our worst suspicion confirmed, no two ways about it, no room for argument whatsoever, Lewis Hamiltion is receiving preferential treatment. Never is an ex-driver more precariously perched, riddled with uncertainty, than in retirement. Their bread buttered on one side, last thing a former driver is ever going to do, put himself in a precarious situation; create animosity; step on toes; anger an F1 team principal; adversely affect a current driver; wear out his welcome. Putting them in a ephemeral position, revolving door, is a recipe for doing nothing. The ex-race driver steward/consultant thing failed. Miserably. Doesn't work. Solution to the problem, (1) fire Bernd Maylander, get somebody in the safety car with some sense of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, capable of critical thinking, intelligent enough to understand, safety car cannot be allowed to split the field, and in such circumstance (2) waive all cars around, until he picks up the lead car. (3) No more former race drivers, as acting consultants to FIa stewards. And, (4) preferential treatment for Lewis Hamiltion must be extirpated. Posthaste. Only way such a thing can be accomplished, is clean house, impose and enforce impartiality. Were it me, I'd bust Charlie Whiting. Oh, I'd bust him down-down-down. All the way down to Walmart. By the time I'd be through, he'd be standing there greeting customers, at the local Walmart. QED, - asj