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  1. Yup! Definitely!! I mean thats NOT the Top Gear we love. The only thing similar, is the name of the programme.
  2. A few days back when some reports quoted Jacques Villeneuve saying something like "Alonso, Lewis or Vettel would have won every race in a Lotus". I really felt that Jacques Villeneuve was bitter with Kimi for some reason. Now, Villeneuve has been quoted saying that Lotus might ‘drop’ Raikkonen, because "he is usually behind Grosjean in pure performance" ( :o WTH?!). Some time before Kimi signed for Lotus, Villeneuve reportedly said Kimi's 2007 World Champion Title was not deserved. What's the history between Kimi Raikkonen and Jacques Villeneuve? And why is Villeneuve sometimes so bitter about Kimi?
  3. Agreed. Agreed. But I'm talking only about Schumi's state of mind. Maybe we shouldn't compare Schumi and Kimi. But Schumi in his own mind is comparing himself with Kimi. That's what I'm saying. This was not at all meant to be Schumi Bashing. Maybe saying "... because now he has nowhere to hide" was a bit harsh, for which I apologize to all Schumi fans.
  4. Recently, Schumi has been very critical of Pirelli tyre. Statements like "It's like driving on raw eggs" show just how frustrated he has become. He kept cool for two years. But lets face it; Schumacher's return has been less than convincing, whereas Raikkonen's return has been Stellar. I think Schumacher's display of frustration is more a result of Kimi's success, because now he has nowhere to hide. Before there was no benchmark for Schumacher. Now, unfortunately for him, there is.
  5. *Sigh of relief* I guess thats finally it then .... this thread reaches its end! And What a happy ending! Time for a new beginning! Go Kimi!!!
  6. Now tell me this is just BS! I guess the media has nothing more to talk about so they are now publishing this kind of stuff. Fingers crossed for Brazil!
  7. I just hate the way the Renault bosses show off whenever Kimi's management contact them. Its almost as if they know they are not worth Riakkonen, and can't believe it when Kimi shows even a casual, half-hearted interest in the team. If you ask me, they dont even deserve Kubica. Just like last year, Eric Boulier is trying to gain some cheap popularity. See for yourself: “Yes, there has been contact (with Raikkonen),” he told the interviewer. “Look at this call,” added Boullier, holding up his mobile phone. “This was from his manager.” About time Kimi shows them the finger! ... and shoves a Williams up their a55es for good measure!
  8. Lol. I'm with ya. *Sob Sob*
  9. Whats this?!! Heidfeld disappearing? And that too just before SPA? Just fantasy ... Kimi comes back for a single race and rips everyone another one, including Lewis Lewis, who doesn't get the advantage of rain this time around. Hahahah XD
  10. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    Guys, the bloody cheater, uncultured prima donna is not worth so much attention. He is a nobody. Next year there will be another double world champ and Alonso will soon be forgotten. So there is no need to discuss him so much here.
  11. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    I still can't believe Alonso fans are trying to justify his lack of sportsman spirit. Unbelievable. All the above facts are pointless here.
  12. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    You forgot one other driver...
  13. Alonso Gets D H L Fastest Lap Award

    What about Alonso? He has been the worst number 1 driver since Schumacher. Completely devoid of any sportsman spirit for what he did to Petrov.