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  1. Valencia, Es La Tierra De Las Flores...

    It's mainly the "lapped cars may overtake" bit that extended the SC period, the debris itself was gone within a couple of laps. I'm surprised they didn't pull the SC out again for Seb's car, seeing cars go past the marshals with less than a couple of feet of space at full racing speed was scary. If a car had a mechanical failure in that corner or had gone offline they would have been wiped out. But I'd wager it's simply a case of poor management rather than some conspiracy to harm Red Bull. In fact if you believe Renault, the cooling down behind the safety car should have extended not reduced the life of Seb's engine.
  2. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    To be fair the team haven't put machinery under him that's been consistently quick enough since 2008, which hasn't helped him. I personally don't think becoming a bit more measured is a bad thing as long as he doesn't do it to the point of obsession and still races the way I love to see him race.
  3. Official Mclaren Wtf Thread

    Lewis's first stop was in 2.6 seconds so it's clearly not speed that's the issue, it has to be something procedural. And whatever it is they need to fix it otherwise Lewis will almost certainly leave the team. As a silver supporter their record of late has been disappointing, it's just one mistake after another. It also strikes me that they seem to have came up with little really innovative in performance terms for a couple of seasons either. Red Bull are doing almost all the running in that department.
  4. Rbr's Car Floor Declared Illegal By Fia

    The flexible wing may have passed the load test but that doesn't really mean a great deal apart from the FIA couldn't figure out how they were doing it which meant they couldn't divise a test to catch them out. When you looked at footage of their car, particularly in fast corners it was clear the wing's endplates were not 85mm from the ground. The rule wasn't "it's only cheating if the FIA find it", the rule was "The endplates of the front wing must be a minimum of 85mm from the ground at all times".
  5. Rbr's Car Floor Declared Illegal By Fia

    No, sorry. Exploiting loopholes and actually violating the rules are 2 totally different things. Red Bull didn't exploit a loophole they were flat out found to be in violation of the rules. The other teams may or may not do it but you can only penalise it when it's caught, and if they're caught then yes they should also be punished. In previous seasons when there have been technical irregularities with break ducts, rear wings, using fuel as ballast ETC the teams have always either been disqualified (or in BAR's case even banned), or sent to the back of the grid. Yet Red Bull essentially just get away with it. There's no consistency there.
  6. Rbr's Car Floor Declared Illegal By Fia

    About time the FIA had the guts to clamp down on Red Bull's repeated attempts to circumvent the rules of the sport, for most of their competitors though it has probably came 2 1/2 seasons too late. Although fact that they have found the team to violate the rules and not disqualified them is pretty questionable.
  7. I'd be really surprised if he leaves the team mid season, but I wouldn't be all that surprised to see him leave at the end of the season.
  8. Can Anyone Help Jenson?

    Jenson's a world class driver and a former world champion. He'll get to grips with them eventually. The base package he has is clearly very strong and once he finds a way to work his tyres properly I feel he'll be threatening Lewis, Seb, and Fernando again.
  9. Racing In 2012: Exciting Or A Lottery?

    Is it a lottery? in my opinion no. If Lewis hadn't been penalised in Spain he would have won. If it weren't for the rain at Sepang, McLaren would probably have walked away with an easy 1-2. They have the fastest car and just haven't capitalised on it for various reasons. However are performances varying from weekend to weekend? yes. But the tyres being given to all the teams are the same, and if the teams or their drivers can't make them work that's their problem. I like it when you can turn on your TV and not have a clue what the heck is going to happen, that's how sport should be in my opinion. I said a few weeks ago that I thought Williams would struggle to ever win a race again but here we are. I hope it continues. Last year it was a case of Vettel on pole, Vettel wins and if something happens to him McLaren may pick up the spoils. Can anyone say they honestly miss that if they aren't a Vettel / RBR fan? It became predictable too fast last year, it was just as bad as the Schumacher total domination years for me (even with the extra on track passing). I truly am glad that seems to have passed.
  10. Mexico Race Thread

    The teams tested these new tyres just like they did previously. There has to be more to what's going on than just the tyres, I have a feeling that it's actually the banning of exhaust blowing that is leading to the wild variability in car performances. Lewis, a driver that is constantly being railroaded for having an aggressive driving style made a set of tyres do more than 30 laps, and pulled off a 2 stopper. They can't have been that bad.
  11. Qualifying Tyres

    Yep, they floated the idea of manufacturing super sticky qualifying tyres before the start of the season and the FIA vetoed it. I agree with you, it's the FIA that set the rules, Pirelli just supply what they are asked to supply
  12. Vergne's Tyres @ Catalunya

    The smoke coming off Senna's rear wheels indicates that they were spinning when that photo was taken. No conspiracy here.
  13. Msc V. Sen: Hit Uncle, Hit Nephew

    I'd be quite surprised if he did that to be honest. A look at how Marussia, Caterham, and HRT are fairing should be enough to put anyone off coming into the sport as a team owner without some form of extraneous financial backing (and I'm not talking pithy amounts like the odd million here and there I'm talking about seriously competitive cash)
  14. Mexico Race Thread

    I admit I wasn't and still am not a fan of Pastor's, but I have to give credit where it's due he drove a brilliant race. Had it not been for McLaren's fueling faux-pas Lewis would have probably ran away with it in my opinion but the fact that he in a Williams had the pace to hold off Alonso is just a sign of how unpredictable this season has became. I still think McLaren have the fastest car, and if they stop making stupid mistakes the title is theirs for the taking. And I'm sure Red Bull will leave Barcelona scratching their heads, there's no doubt their car lacks the underlying pace of the McLaren, and 2 apparent front wing failures that were not caused by accident damage. This season is amazingly close. For the first time in many years I'll just admit I haven't got a clue what's going to happen next (although I imagine Lewis will be strong at Monaco)