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  1. I agree, it's been proved that balding people like us need 1/100 of the oxigen to function. Stoooopid hair.
  2. This is most meaningless 2nd testing opener I'vve ever seen!!!!! nobody wants to show what's really up... I guess we need qualy to solve things... Sadly I think only Michael was racing for real tonight...
  3. Can't believe nobody is showing their cards with 2 mins to go....
  4. does he look specially hairy / fluffy on the car? I just hope they're providing some decent finland vodka on the water line....
  5. Let's just wait for the last 10 mins... times are going crazy now lap by lap
  6. KR is fine, he is just having trouble getting on his gorilla outfit on!
  7. After 2 years sucking a## in Renault with 2 infamous cars that I'm not going to even remember and in the third year on Ferrari, I honestly hope that Ferrari is throwing out there the biggest bluff ever... I'm watching test 2 with all the hopes in my heart...
  8. I just want Kimi to win so I can listen to him talking on the after race interview. I kind of miss him in a weird way.
  9. but I was hopping for inheriting again! Last year I learned that winning it it's too difficult.
  10. It's pretty sad that you reply that way... because a big bulk of that kind of posts is coming from you.
  11. Oh! I see.. I understand your posts better now if you think there's ever a justification to point the middle finger in F1.... and of course you laugh when he pushed the photographer, Kimi was completely entiltled to do so since he ask him several times... next time I'll try that to see how it goes. Kimi is a gentleman? and you believe Lewis?
  12. Believe me... I was reading these forums for a long time with no participation, until I was so fed up from the comments of people like him and Cavalino that I decided to join.
  13. First of all, you say things in a very offensive not objective way, and if that pleases you good for you, but I don't think is the proper way to communicate about a sport. Second, Alonso also suffered engine blows (does anybody remember the massive engine problems Ferrari suffered in the first half of the season?) and gearbox problems and a pretty sad strategy from the Ferrari pitwall in many races. So we lost also quite some points there. Third, I'm not saying Vettel doesn't deserve to win it, I'm just saying Alonso wasn't inheriting it. Please think twice about responding and read more carefully the thread.
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