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  1. The Cosworth Cup ?

    Your point is noted. Using a common engine and running at the back of the pack provides no incentive. Racing to "make up the numbers" isn't fun. And as history has shown, teams that fit into this class don't last all that long. Giving them an incentive can only be good for the sport. It also adresses a common problem amongst some teams - $$$$$ The larger, higher spending teams will still have the ultimate prize to fight for, as do the teams that elect to select the common engine. Its obvious that a team able to produce a engine to suit it own chassis and own personal needs should be in theory faster then a car made to incorporate a common (between 4 or 5 teams) engine. Even if the overall rule the engine is made too is the same for everyone... Common and Works Engines. The concept of the common engine beating a Works engine would just be similar to Red Bull beating Renault. You could even add a common Chassis. The critical could be addressed. Cost Cutting for Smaller Teams Use Common Chassis & Engine - Score Points in Internal Championship + Major Championships -Fixed Upgrades from the makers for all teams -Costs Shared Larger Teams Custom Spec Chassis & Engine - Fighting for the Major Championship -Development more rapid -Self Funded It obvious that a team like Williams would do well in this sort of environment. Having a incentive championship in the name of cost cutting, without losing sight of the ultimate goal. Williams can afford to keep racing. If they want, nothing stops them from leaving the incentive championship and pairing up with someone like Honda to exclusive contest the major championship. Ferrari would for example still be able to produce their own s##t and fight for the major championship... Their branding and history is intact.
  2. The Cosworth Cup ?

    Hey... Firstly - Go Webber. We all know that there will be a FiA Formula 1 World Championship next year and it'll work itself out. But... I was thinking, what would people think of another Championship running within the current one concurrently. Something like a Championship called the "Cosworth Cup". You can have the championship run as is. WDC-Open to All WCC-Open to All CC-Open to All who decide to run a Cosworth Spec Engine - Made to same spec and rules of everyone elses. CC Car wins the race, takes points for all three classes. This retains the history and prestiage of the F1 World Championship, and at the same time, introduces "best of the rest" Championship. The budget cap is obviously forgotten about, with the CC Cars saving money on a one make engine between 4 or 5 teams. The only changes would be a extra Points Table
  3. Vettel To Win The Championship?

    Can Webber haul in points to * Counter Attack Vettel for the Championship, or * At least take 3rd in the Championship Webber, for mine, appears to be the hungier of the two RBR Drivers.
  4. If the diffuser guys are deemed to be illegal. Would Australia's & Malaysia's result be changed to reflect the order of legal cars that finished. ie. MAL... Would be HED / WEB /HAM ?
  5. Aussie F1gp Up The (eastern) Creek?

    Why rule out an extentsion to the exsisting circuit ?
  6. Aussie F1gp Up The (eastern) Creek?

    The track was originally designed for the Australian 500cc Moto GP. Seriously, Turn One at the Creek could become as well known as the "Bus Stop" at Spa, its the fastest corner in the Southern Hemisphere, and Top 5 or something in the World. The V8's Arrive at the corner at 295kph.... One could only speculate what an F1 car would Arrive at. Couple of good hairpins, and a tough mid section of mid speed tech corners. It would need a resurface and reviso over some of the track... But since I believe A1GP is FIA Spec 2 Tracks, it can't be "that far" off FIA Spec 1 for F1. What it will need is Landscaping, and general clean ups too make it attractive.
  7. Aussie F1gp Up The (eastern) Creek?

    I don't see why it can't be done to be truthful. The track is already there, sure it can be altered. Lighting at a fixed racing track is going to be easier and a one off cost to the infrastructure. Its in the middle of no where, around industrial estates, so who is going to care about the noise. Blacktown isn't that far away, so there is a chance of actually trying to develop a better transport system with trains, which, it located correctly, could service the exsist tentants out there and maybe even get more people to A1GP, V8, etc, etc events. I seriously don't think its as big as a pipe dream as everyone is making out. At least Bernie hasn't could out straight away and dismissed it.
  8. Queensland's F1 Bid

    Flemington Australian Grand Prix ? Was there ever a race track there ? With all the timing issues, and people wanting to put the race back, I can't understand why Western Australia has come up as a potential location. 2 hours behind, and say a 1 hour delayed race compared to the tradational timing.... Well, could suit the European TV rights and secure Australia's GP.
  9. Queensland's F1 Bid

    Suggestion 1. Phillip Island with Investment. Suggestion 2. Eastern Creek with Investment... Its already been brought upto A1GP Specs, which is a grade lower then F1. Suggestion 3. Nationally funded F1 spec racetrack. (wishful)
  10. And who would Alonso replace at BMW if he jumped ship this year ? Nick ? Come on, Whilst Nick looks disinterested most of the time, it would be hard to replace someone who is clearly doing his job plus more at the team - would BMW want to look plain stupid ? The ONLY place Nando would go would be Renault, at the expense of either or.... Webber and Nando at renault would make an interesting line up at Renault.
  11. Nando to Renault, with Kovo Webber to McLaren - Just think of the Webber bad luck curse & McLaren...!!!!!!!!!! Fisi to Williams
  12. Cricket World Cup - 2007

    Australia is a dangerous team when their pride has been broken. I don't think that happened until they lost the first one dayer in NZ.... I predict a Aust. whitewash....
  13. Coulthard And Webber Confirmed At Red Bull

    Your guys write off the BMW Works Team pretty quickly. Next season is going too be so close. Winners & Consistant Podiums Ferrari/McLaren/Renault & Maybe Honda Occassional Podiums eg...When you get 2 or 3 cars going out from the winners group Toyota/Honda/BMW & Red Bull Lucky Podiums Williams No Podiums The Others
  14. Spring Cleaning

    Will Hamilton produce in F1 what he did in karts ?
  15. Who's The Better Driver?

    The comment was "why is he off contract". - with reference to hot property. There was no mention of "teams who want them to drive for them, or teams they want too drive for". Try and read the post, and then comment champ....opppss chump. Or are you going to debate but, but, but, but, but its Mark Webber, so he can't be asured of a drive.....YOU TOOL!