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  1. We've got a base engine and it's not a ford, but i was just asking for a few ideas, good links,... And our project is pure "theoretical", we just have to make sure it can last enough F1 races (5 engines per season). In fact we have "unlimited money", so why can't we get 800HP out of it. (Think about the BMW turbo, Renault turbo engines in the 80's) At the end of the project we will hope to prove you wrong.
  2. Thx, i contacted Renault Sport by mail, but no answer.. I'll try the sites and the contacts you said. And i'll keep the U in University in mind
  3. ok, that's just sad for a F1 forum....
  4. Hi, I'm a student at the university of Antwerp (Belgium), we are making a project about the 1.6 engine that wil be used in 2013. We need to "design" the engine, think of ways we can inprove the engine so it has about the same BHP as the current 2.4 engine. Could anyone help us with technical info about high performance engine's? - technical drawings - part dimensions - special modifications - info about the current F1 2.4 engines - .... Info about the former turbo engines used in F1 would also be very helpfull. Thanks in advance Regards, Jorrit Van Schaeybroeck
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