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  1. Get Your 2011 Champion Here

    Imo, last year Red Bull performance in all was better. At the last round Alonso was focusing too much on Webber. I can understand it on a car is not enough strong to be at the front driver must decide competitor whom he must race against based on priority, and Webber was his nearest competitor. The car was just not enough fast to overtake three or four drivers after he pitted in. Let's see how good performance of Red bull this year, if they are the same or even better than last year Vettel would play more dominant role this season. I rate him driver not only he has great talent, aggressive style, but also he is mentally strong. Place him on a par with Schumi when he was young or Hamilton. While Alonso is more a driver with maturity, good control, strategic player ala Button or Webber. This year's chance wouldn't be easy, but still open.
  2. Most Beautiful F1 Car

    Add these besides all mentioned: Jaguar, all Minardis looked fine, Prost Gauloises Blondes was nice too.
  3. Motogp 2011

    Found the similar thing printed on Repsol bike and back of riders, seems they are competing market in this region... Agree, this has been being my concern too, only a few bikes on the grid, Rizla rizuki with only one bike was also absent yesterday, Yamaha factory was racing without main sponsors. The point is, how can motogp attract more parties involved, more privateers and more sponsor to back up the race. Tobacco makers have strong interest, but restriction if their brand appears straightly may impede their involvement.
  4. Motogp 2011

    Hello, He was Stoner the man who can handle the bike, if Rossi looks struggle in pre season tests the new bike might not suit his style yet . He is a fast learner, provided the bike is there up with good performance it will improve after trying the real race in a couple of races. Stoner looks promising, at the moment he is the strongest rider to challenge Yamaha boy, either Lorenzo or Spies. True, Spies seems still have some problem with consistency. Winning a race or two would be good for him. Honda and Stoner need to win, Ducati needs to win, and Yamaha needs to retain it. Can't wait. Oh from the pics above what's written on Lorenzo's arm and at the tail of his bike?...