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  1. Kimi'S Career

    Q&A with KR http://www.formula1.com/news/interviews/2009/11/10229.html
  2. Kimi'S Career

    Lewisthegreat, are you working? KR's salary cannot be compared to us normal beings. Would you be ok if everyone at work is earning double your income? KR and JB are both world champions, they should hold on to their value. We have reason to believe that FA and LH are earning more than 15 million. At a time like this where funds are limited, their pays are going to get cut true but they should still be earning significantly more than other non-WDC drivers because they bring in more sponsors and also they have proven their ability to drive. At any rate, they will be getting what the companies are willing to pay them. Ferrari were willing and that made KR extremely rich, but that should not have to affect what Mclaren are willing to pay now. His payout should not be used against him, so that other teams can get him to drive at a price lower than what he is worth.
  3. Kimi'S Career

    I think all this speculation about Kimi wanting more money is silly, really. Even Ferrari's payout has been rumoured to vary between 10-25 million. We have absolutely no way of knowing how much he is asking for. Even if the rumours are true, so what? Would any of you work for a bargain if you'd been laid off your last work and paid a hefty compensation? He has his value as a driver and his pride to go with it. If hypothetically speaking, LH is earning more than 10 million (highly likely), KR's rumoured demand would seem cheap by comparison. Wouldn't that show his interest in driving for a good car and not about what his team-mate is earning? If he is asking for more, to equal LH's salary, again why not? He has the experience and he is as fast as, if not faster than LH. People are letting a few reports on these supposed KR's salary demands cloud their judgement and speculating about how he is pricing himself above the market. We do not know how greedy he is in terms of money. Personally, I do not think it is money he is worried about, more like equality. He has to be 100% certain that he is receiving equal treatment compared to LH, if he is going to go to Mclaren. I bet he'd be willing to race for 1 million if he doesn't have to do any sponsor work too. Perhaps that is what they are negotiating about, KR will race for a cheaper price if he gets to do less PR or gets to do more rallying etc. We have no way of knowing but regardless of what he is asking, he is still one of the best racers and he should stay in F1.
  4. Kimi'S Career

    Kimi said Santander money kicked him out of Ferrari... And that the Mclaren contract that he is reading now is thicker than the one he had with Ferrari.
  5. Kimi'S Career

    I think they are very close to signing the deal, Kimi and Mclaren. If Kimi wasn't confident that he would get the seat I don't think he would have said it. Lucky I didn't bother changing my avatar picture
  6. China Race Thread

    Can anyone tell me what happened to KR after his pitstop?? Why is he crawling?
  7. Briatore Remarks Scandalous

    I think KR has done a decent job so far this weekend, considering his fuel load, no KERS and no diffuser and just a slow car overall. He has admitted that he lost his motivation last season, but I think he can still win a championship given the right car. I don't think the Ferrari car is THAT bad, however a silly mistake in Australia and the stupid strategy in Malaysia made KR and the car look worse than it actually was. I think Ferrari is definitely capable of a podium finish if they execute their strategies a little more wisely.
  8. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    Felipe baby http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrQhP-HuZNA This made my day And another look at KR having an ice cream http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBDio0f1S6E
  9. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    I have nothing against Button but I think most people would agree that he isn't top class compared to some of the other drivers in the field. I don't want to see him win the championship.
  10. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    I haven't been on the forum for a long, long time. I lost interest in F1 tbh, middle into the season last year, and I tuned in last year to find that nothing has improved. I think this race could have been better if they had started an hour earlier. I'm really desperate for Ferrari to lift their game. Some of their strategies are hillariously stupid. I'm even willing to support Renault FA now!!! As long as Brawn doesn't dominate the season.
  11. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    This is true, typically if it rains it will turn very dark and it frequently rains after 5pm. At this time of the year, rain would fall ~4 evenings a week. When I saw the race time for Malaysia grand prix I knew it was very likely there would be heavy rain.
  12. British Gp: Practice, Qualifying & Race

    Next race is the N'ring... KR has always had bad luck there. Hopefully this will change?
  13. French Grand Prix-race

    I just won $210 for betting KR!! I should've put more money in it, the odds were 1:21!!!
  14. Saturday Practice And Qualifying - Spanish Grand Prix

    Where is the 0.5s advantage Massa claimed they have???
  15. Bahrain Race Thread

    Hamilton now a championship contender!! Brilliant job done!! Well done to Heidfeld as well! For overtaking Alonso. Kimi really wasn't impressive today..