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  1. Canada Gp

    Not a bad lap from Webber with no KERS, he might have actually challenged Vettel for the first time this year if he had it. Its a shame Massa couldn't find another 2 tenths. Also if Shumi didn't have issues at turn 4 he would have beaten Nico. Also according to the F1 site both Di Resta and Petrov start from P11. Should be interesting to see them parked on top of each other. Derp.
  2. Monaco

    What a grand pile of bulls##t that was. Fresh tires at for the restart? F**k off. That was Alonso's victory for sure, Vettel is one lucky son of a bitch this time around. That rule needs to be looked at, allowing tyre warmers I can understand but anything more is just stupid and ruined what would have been the race of the year at the end. Yet again Webber gets his race ruined by crap beyond his control despite laying down the fastest lap. I wonder if there was a problem with the Red Bull communications? Nice drive by Kobi, he was a bit of a victim of the restart also, he would have had two more laps to run in front of Webber, with Webber having a massive tyre advantage, but he also had a 4 second advantage taken away by said restart.
  3. Spanish Gp

    Hell yeah, I said Webber was gonna win this weekend, just to continue his run of going up a position each week. Bring on Webber getting 0th at the next race somehow, followed by an epic negative first.
  4. Spanish Gp

    What I meant was changing his driving style to get the best out of it during qualifying where you can use the DRS anywhere on the track. Vettel was recorded using it much earlier in the corner than many others during the qualifying sessions.
  5. Spanish Gp

    He lost it before then, he gained the lead of the WDC and almost instantly went into damage control mode. It almost felt like he had already lost when he still had the lead. Maybe he just isn't a good leader, it's pretty obvious he thrives on conflict and being the underdog so when he gets to the top he has nothing to fuel his drive and his confidence dips. It compounds the issue when he had a fairly big lead in the WDC and basically threw it away. At one stage last year he was the best driver on the grid, and I didn't see that same spark until China, kinda sad really. Moving along though, I think Ferrari is in with a shot at another podium and I think Massa has a chance of being the one to get it. He made a few mistakes last race that ruined it for him but I think overall this season he has been as strong or stronger than Alonso, which is good to see. I'm liking the battling between the McLaren drivers but I do think it hurt them last race, they used up a lot of rubber just battling each other - we might see them split strategies further just to keep them apart. Should be another amazing race with DRS, but it's disappointing in that it takes some of the excitement away from the overtaking of my favourite driver - Kobayashi - though he still overtakes more than most.
  6. Spanish Gp

    I wasn't being entirely serious. Just so far he's gone 5, 4, 3 and then 2. He won't win against Vettel until he gets the confidence back he lost sometime through last year. I think a big chunk of the issue is that Vettel is much better at using the DRS during qualifying, Webber is much older and would have a harder time adapting to the new tech. I hear the Mclarens have some decent upgrades so they should be more of a challenge this time. I have no doubt we will see Nico up the front for a while then fall away like he has been. I mainly just want Massa to beat Alonso, Button to beat Hamilton and Webber to beat Vettel really.
  7. Spanish Gp

    Here is a thread to start discussions on this. My opinion - Webber victory (This is based entirely on his trend so far and somehow he has to finish 0th in the race after and negative 1 in the race after that) Discuss away.
  8. Let'S Talk Turkey! Practice, Qually & Race

    I lol'd pretty hard.
  9. Driver Salaries

    Can't believe after Kimi went rallying and left F1s he still earns more than Hamilton.
  10. Hamilton 2012

    Hamilton is a damn good driver, even though I don't like him that much (I tend to not like the 'golden children' that have it all handed to them). It's too bad RBR hold Vettel on such a high pedestal, Hamilton I feel is the better driver and would do them well, sure Vettel is fast on an empty track but when overtaking is involved/needed I'd back Hamilton given equal equipment. If Webber were to leave them that would be the place for him to go, and give him the opportunity to show everyone he is the superior driver over Vettel - I'm assuming he would love the opportunity to do so. That being said I wouldn't count Webber out of that seat yet, he proved everyone wrong last year when he should have won the title (if he didn't throw it away in Korea). I don't think we seen the last of him this season either.
  11. Brundle'S Constant Pandering About Kubica.

    Webber was no match for Vettel these last 3 races because of an inferior car that had problems - fixed so it doesn't sound like you still think I was still having a dig at your favourite driver.
  12. Brundle'S Constant Pandering About Kubica.

    Vettel might very well be the better driver and you are entitled that that opinion, that wasn't my point. My point was you can't make that assumption based entirely on the last 3 races because of the circumstances. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, but I get the feeling I'm just bashing my head against a wall.
  13. Brundle'S Constant Pandering About Kubica.

    Yep, that was my point exactly :
  14. Vettel Equal To Senna??

    Wasn't Senna known for brilliant overtaking? I reckon taking out your teammate in a botched overtaking attempt doesn't quite line up. He's good, and on a track with wide open space in front of him he might even be great. After saying that though in my eyes he still has some things to learn to catch up to his teammate and even people like Kobayashi.
  15. Brundle'S Constant Pandering About Kubica.

    Sigh, I never brought it up to say there as a conspiracy. My god how that got twisted so fast is beyond me. All I'm saying is that if you judge Webber this season by pure statistics you get an incorrect picture of his ability especially compared to Vettel. I never said there was a conspiracy, and I never denied that Vettel had the same problems last year. I was simply using a the most recent example I could think of. Please actually read what I say before you get ultra defensive. I was just using the example of Webber's issues and how it's made him look terrible in comparison to his teammate so far - if you simply look at the statistics - to show the people who were saying Kubica was a nothing because, due to the fact he hasn't had a top car yet, his actual statistics aren't that great compared to Alonso and a few others.