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  1. Question

    Very nice, and F1 cars have paddle shifting now? I watched driven, and they still had the on the side shifter.
  2. Question

    Woww nice, how did the Moto GP fare? Also top speed? Do F1 cars have rescrictor plates like nascar? I know F1 cars can exceed 200. Also if it raine during the race, you can slab on water tires ))
  3. Pics Of U!

    Here I am
  4. Question

    This is not a troll. I love F1 way over nascar, so dont think anything else. I was just wondering. If you put a nascar stock car, and a F1 car on a road course and made them race, who would win? I personall thing the F1 car any day. It goes faster, and can make tight turns like I have never seen. What do you guys think? Which car would be strongest in every area of the track? Would love to hear responses on this. I am trying to learn about F1, because all I know is stock cars.
  5. Hello, New Here.

    Thanks Ill check on speed.
  6. Hello, New Here.

    Yea I like F1 a lot now, but I do not know anything about it. Hopefully you guys can teach me. Also what channel can I watch races? Speed??
  7. Hello, New Here.

    I like both nascar and F1. I find myself liking F1 way more than nascar, but i hope it isnt a crime to like both. Just like I like both soccer and american football. )
  8. Hello, New Here.

    Ovals are fine. However, when nascar has races on road tracks, it is funny. I never watch them because they do not seem to be able to handle the turns. They do not seem built for them.
  9. Hello, New Here.

    nah I am am guy, lol sorry for the confustion. I like anime, probably the anime gives it a false look. Lol,
  10. Hello, New Here.

    Wow nice pros/cons. What got me looking into F1 was when they stopped the nascar race for a few drops of rain, and someone told me, you know F1 cars can race in the rain!
  11. Hello, New Here.

    Hello people, I am new here. Just turned 24, live in central fl. I have always been into nascar, but recently I have been getting into formula 1 for some reason. Seems appealing. I do not know anything about F1 indy, but I want to learn. Glad to be here. Also can someone make me a signature with a mclaren f1 car in it, and my username? Would be appreciated. Thanks, and glad to be here. ** Sorry I did not see the new comers post until now. Please move this to the right thread, thanks.