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  1. 2014 Sporting Regulations For Dummies

    Here's a kinda cool new video I just received from Shell & Ferrari. I uploaded to our FB page. In it, Shell's Guy Lovett & Mike Evans, and Ferrari's Luca Marmorini & Mattia Binotto take a look at the new F1 powertain & walk us through some 2014 F1 engine & ERS design considerations brought on by the new regulations.
  2. United States Grand Prix

    Thanks Massa! Just FYI, we're hearing through the grapevine now that Dan Allen is out as CFO at COTA. No official confirmation as of yet & no further details.
  3. United States Grand Prix

    I'm actually American...of Scottish descent. I once spent a week in Scotland & can't wait to return. Incredibly beautiful place & wonderful people! What's the yes/no vote about?
  4. United States Grand Prix

    Thanks again guys. Hey guys. Finally finished my Sunday USGP pics. Almost 300 of 'em here. Enjoy! Here's a preview:
  5. United States Grand Prix

    Thanks guys! I'm still pretty new to this so that means a lot. Just trying to get a little better each time out. Believe it or not I'm still working on my Sunday pics. Not sure the quality will be quite as good. Tough light, at least for my skills. I hope to get them posted today.
  6. United States Grand Prix

    It's an amazing circuit, but don't give too much credit to Tilke for the layout. Hellmund & Schwantz, as race drivers themselves, had some very specific ideas about what they wanted in this circuit. They wanted a good flow, use of the excellent topography at hand, corners complexes that challenged drivers & required them to take each turn with an eye to the next, etc. They took their wish list to Tilke, describing turns they'd like to see included and a general idea of the layout they'd like given the topography. Tilke's people came back with something completely different and were told by Hellmund & Schwantz to go back to the drawing board. This time, with the help of Hellmund & Schwantz & after much tweaking and then some sanitizing of certain turns by the FIA, the circuit you see now is what resulted. - Like an architect who might design a very specific plan for your home based on a layout you dream up, Tilke designed the circuit Hellmund & Schwantz wanted. - Don;t look for V8SC any time soon. They were rumored to be unhappy with the turnout here in the spring and won;t be back next year. - Though I would love to see them here & I think it would be a very entertaining race, NASCAR won't be here so long as Bruton Smith & Eddie Gossage have a say in the matter. And they do! - I'm guessing the GP will be around as long as they can continue to make their payments to Bernie. Sadly, that's not a given. - I'm not sure what the problem was with the marshals. For some reason this track has already had numerous problems clearing cars, with many minor incidents in different series taking several laps to clear. Part of the reason for the slow clearing in this event could be that the SCCA is returning to race at COTA after complaints about how their event went there earlier this year....and part of that deal apparently included providing marshals for the USGP. I'm not sure where these marshals came from, but maybe there was some inexperience there, or at least problems associated with working a new track for the first time?
  7. United States Grand Prix

    Didn't you say earlier that Vettel oversteered on exit from the esses like the rest? Or maybe I misread that. At the race I commented to Formula1Blog's Negative Camber (Todd) that Vettel's car was so smooth that it looked slower than the others, all the while pulling out a bigger margin every lap.
  8. United States Grand Prix

    No way. I know that's what they claimed, but that's a crazy exaggeration.
  9. United States Grand Prix

    Thanks for the pics & I'm glad you enjoyed your seats! I agree azbout the esses being amazing and I think T1-10 are easily the best part of the track. However, there's very little, if any, braking into 4, esp in an F1 car. A lift...sure, and understeer as well. But they don't really brake until it tightens at 5 and 6.
  10. United States Grand Prix

    Oh, and here are some Friday photos. Sorry, I thought I had already posted these:
  11. United States Grand Prix

    I did finally manage to get through all my Saturday USGP pics. About 130 at the link. Sunday pics to follow asap!
  12. Jesus, Lewis is tiny. If he's too big, then F1's gonna have a real problem finding enough drivers.
  13. Sports Car Racing Thread

    Confirming what we heard over the ALMS/WEC weekend, Autoweek just released an article on the state of sportscar racing in the U.S:
  14. Sports Car Racing Thread

    Thanks so much! I try not to make it all about the cars.
  15. Sports Car Racing Thread

    oops! double post.