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  1. Valencia, Es La Tierra De Las Flores...

    You are right, I'm mixed up and though of Catalugna.
  2. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Well, will you ask Alonso to change his name? He also thinks that Vettel is going to get better. And it is Gilles, with two l's. And for you it is Mr. Gilles.
  3. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Thank you, but I do not have the "display name" option.
  4. Valencia, Es La Tierra De Las Flores...

    Somehow, I don't see Vettel doing that good on this track. He has not proven to me that he can manage heavy traffic under pressure and make the necessary passes. He was too often alone in front.
  5. Valencia, Es La Tierra De Las Flores...

    Thank you for all these nice pictures AleHop. Much appreciated!
  6. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    I think I'm going to change my name, Gilles V. I'm begining to feel pressure when people address me with this name; big shoes to fill! I just wanted to underscore the anniversary of his death when I started here, but now I think I'm going to be called Jean-Pierre, if at all possible. Button is good, but the best? Hum... na. Top 5, may be top 3 IMHO (Vettel is not top 3 yet in my book)
  7. Valencia, Es La Tierra De Las Flores...

    European races have a special flavor to me; may be because it is the birthplace of autoracing and they have a strong racing culture and history over there. So I'm always happy when the European races begins and especially this year with the closest race in year to the driver title. All teams are aware that the WDC race will probably be won by a very small margin and they will want to have both cars in the points. The pressure on Massa, Button and Shumacher is mounting and I suspect that Button will be back and might even win the race. Shumacher should also do well, as he always did on this track. Gut feeling: Fernando to win.
  8. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Your question ? or the topic question? In case it is the latter, could you please explain the joke ?
  9. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    I guess we'll see soon enough if it is going to be evident this year.
  10. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    Well, here is my point of view: Take a situation where, with 5 races to go, only a handful of points separate 5 different drivers, which is very possible since we have had 7 different winners so far, and this trend should continue until the end of the year because 1) no car is being dominant, 2) the two Lotus cars being now strong enough to win; 3) Button who will no doubt be back in the mix few; 4) there will be a few surprises. Now, let say Hamilton is in second place during a race and that Vettel runs fourth behind Jenson. Let’s also say Hamilton is trailing Vettel in the WDC by a few points. Jenson is a strong driver in a strong car and Vettel will have to take big risks to pass him if he is able at all. This is just one example of the edge having two cars in the top positions during a super tight race to the title can give a driver. A strong teammate can also slow the opponents down just enough to allow his teammate to gain a few very useful seconds. Here is another example: Let say Webber leads the WDC before the last race with 2 point over Hamilton and that during the race he is in fifth position (10 points) and Hamilton in 4th (12 points) with Vettel in second place. So, if Hamilton passes Vettel he wins the WDC because even if their total would be the same, Hamilton has one win more than Weber in the season, but if he can't pass Vettel, Weber wins it. There are dozens of such examples. Isn’t nice to have a strong teammate in such a situation? Especially that these situations will inevitably occur this year in such a tight race to the title.
  11. Oh, thank you, then i will continue to call Graig (I do not appreciate him at all).
  12. Has Hamilton Become As Good As Alonso?

    No doubt about that. JB should be back, which should help LH in his quest for the title. Vettel can count on Weber (or is it the other way around?), but Massa is not there for FA, and that is a big handicap to overcome in such a tightn race. I hope Massa can be back two, because if he is not, FA's chances to win the title will be slim at best.
  13. Unfortunately, JV talks too much, always have. He should have taken example on his father. I even think that this flaw might have prevented him from having a longer F1 carreer. Remeber he talked a lot and was frind with this Graig Pollock freak, which did not help either because GP was disliked in the paddocks from what I've heard.
  14. Best Team Wins ....or Not?

    Yes, the best teams are winning: last seasons' best teams are still the best teams. There is a new set of rules and the teams, with all their financial and human resources have to adapt to them as quickly as possible. This is F1. If the tyre issue is recognised by a majority if teams, rules will change next year and again some will adapt faster than others. And some fans will be unhappy with the new rules. This is F1. Personnally, I can't remember a better season (I think I have to go back to the Villeneuve-Shumacher year).
  15. Can Anyone Help Jenson?

    Of course Button, can be back. He is a world F1 champion and in my book amongst the top 5 drivers. What happens to him is unexplainable. May be serious personnal problems. I do not believ it is the tires, since he has always been amongst the drivers who could save them during a race. I do hope he can be back soon, because whe crunch time arrive, his team will need him badly.