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  1. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    So where's all the excessive, unusual and undue braking the Stewards are rabbiting on about? How do you use excessive braking and yet not lock up? You watch the video. The c#ckpit view shows when the wheel(s) lock up. The overhead view shows the points of understeer. Shades of a few years ago on the Monaco warm up lap when Schumi went into the barrier at the low speed right hander after Loews. How come nobody suggested that was intentional? Hmmmmm?
  2. I'll be watching a race live for the first time in ages (I usually watch from video to avoid adverts and pre race bull$h!t). I'll be watching for legal blocking by the Ferrari team and for Alibongo to break down or crash out (please, please make him go off at the Rascasse......that would be excellent).
  3. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    Let me see........what's the phrase about justice? Ah yes! Innocent unless proven guilty. Got any proof, anyone? No, thought not. Good to see you lot are still a waste of time.
  4. New Mercedes Safty Car...!!!

    If you care to read my post again, you'll notice that I state the following.......Don't pretend the toy at the top of the page is sufficiently better. How, on all that is Holy (even including Christ on a bike, if you wish) does that suggest to you that I am comparing the Mercedes to a Vectra? How much quicker is the Merc than the Vectra? Lets say twice as quick. Twice as quick is not sufficiently better. What conclusion do I draw from this? I conclude that you talk such b*****ks at times. Ferrari Enzo. Ferrari F40 Lambourghini Murcielago. Ford GT40 a minimum in terms of performance. .......and before you get the wrong end of things yet again, I mean one of those cars, not all four at the same time! ....and the driver should give it some major welly except near the incident. As someone else rightly pointed out, accidents don't occur over the entire circuit. Why am I wasting my time typing on this Forum? I've got better things to do than discuss such things with idiots!
  5. Irv's In Love But 'don't Call Her Babe'

    "Just in" Wilson. Jeez, I feel ill. This is a very sad thread.
  6. Films That Have Brought You To Tears

    Blow up doll, is it?
  7. Do You Think DC Will Win Again?

    Note to self - ykickamoocow doesn't appear to understand sarchasm.
  8. New Mercedes Safty Car...!!!

    Let me explain with an example (though why I'm bothering I dooooo not know)...... For those who need leading by the hand even more, here's the relevant extract....... ".........the safety car was deployed onto the track. All the cars had to line up behind it and follow it around while the track was cleared. All this time vital heat and pressure, that has to be in the Grand Prix cars tyres, was decreasing. Senna often drew up along side the safety car and waved at the driver to go faster, but the brakes on the safety car (a standard Opel vectra) were by now completely worn down after the Opel had done two flat out laps ahead of the F1 field. The safety car driver knew of Senna's annoyance at his apparent lack of speed, but he could go no faster for the risk of going off track himself!" Don't pretend the toy at the top of the page is sufficiently better. Understand now? Hard work around here sometimes.
  9. Do You Think DC Will Win Again?

    This could be his year!
  10. Irv's In Love But 'don't Call Her Babe'

    Damon Hill can write? You'll be asking us to believe he can drive an F1 car properly next! Murray Walker's autograph probably has a spelling mistake. Rubens who?
  11. 1m$ Enzo Ferrari Crash

    ....and I'm not?
  12. Films That Have Brought You To Tears

    Top Gun. Truly excruciatingly awfullly cornily stupidly nauseatingly cringemakingly ludicrously bad! To cap it all they have that c#cky, big nosed, grinning midget in the lead! Some of the F14 shots were magic, .........but not worth enduring the whole film for.
  13. New Mercedes Safty Car...!!!

    Sorry to interrupt all the post-count enhancing "Indeed" stuff........... ...........OK, I'm not sorry at all. That "Safety" Car is dangerous! Something much quicker is needed, with a decent driver. The relatively puny thing you're all drooling over will be responsible for cold tyres, low pressures and the attendent handling dangers. Will they ever learn? .
  14. 1m$ Enzo Ferrari Crash

    HeeeEEEEeeer Taku, Taku, Ta-a-a-a-a-aku........
  15. 1m$ Enzo Ferrari Crash

    Still be interested to find out more about Taku's revelations. Where did you see this please, Taku?