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  1. Ok Jem and Radical,let's take that bet! You know that without his first slow pit stop Perez would have finished in front of jenson today. So lets bet a couple of beer or cider cans that jenson will only modestly or not at all ncrease his lead over Perez from the next race on. Let say no more than 20 points until end of season. What do you think?
  2. He will start to beat Vettel occasionaly in the second half of next season IMO and beat him on a regular basis the season after that.
  3. I admire Mr. Williams and his passion for F1. He is sick and in a wheelchair, but it won't stop him from being at races, still in the thick of things. He just never gives up, and I sincerely hope he can get a good package from the start next year and see his team be successful once again. I think he has the drivers to compete in a good package. What is your take on Sir Frank and his team?
  4. The rb car was almost invincible before the break; now it is invincible, so I think no one never really had a chance. Get ready to see rb all over the place for remainder of the season. lets hope their domination will end this year, or we are going to have another boring few years, just like the Ferrari years with Schumacher.
  5. I don't think Alonso is scared of anyone at all. He knows he is the best and he is just editing for a car close to the rb. I believe he could beat vettel in a car just little less good than the rb. Alonso scared? Nah. Vettel of kimi? In think he would prefer ricci for sure. He wants to beat Schumacher records and do notvwantba top driver in his way at all.
  6. Yep, he is at the top with Fernando for now IMHO, and he is my second favorite driver.
  7. ah! Now I understand, you're not yet a connaiseur yet, able to distinguish the true champions You know this is a joke, right? You probably know more than me about F1, as numbers do not appeal to me at all. I only watch races and look up numbers occasionally, I'm just checking because jokes can be perceived differently from one country to another.
  8. Hamilton, like all great champions, know how to prepare his car. It's part of being a champion. No one else can fine tune your car for you. Some take longer than other to find the sweet spot, just like with women!
  9. I was refering the the Cheater, Shumacher, who had the best car for MOST of his carreer. PS: I know some of you guys like him, and I know he was one of the great ones, so I'm just pulling your leg here by calling him the Cheater. So he was a cheater, as we all know, but that did stop him from becoming a great one.
  10. yes, but they did have the best car for that many consecutive years, except for the Cheater, of course.
  11. Remember that any of the present top four drivers would have had the same achievements or better achievements in the same car vettel had and still have. It would be stupid to deny it (joke)!
  12. Yes he's good. Top 5. How can he be an all time great if he was never the best driver in the field and won in most part because of his car! Rubber chicken? I would not have thought of that! As one said, this wil get us nowhere, no none wil change his mind. Cheers!
  13. He is not even one of the three or four best right now. How can he be one of the greastest of all time? Give me a break! not even Kimi is one of the greatest. May be Alonso and Hamilton, but Vettel, come on! He is good. How good? The future will tell. I guess I'm stupid then. Well, what are you gona do!
  14. Yep, I agree, but I would add Button in 4th. No way he is an all time great, at least not yet.
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