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  1. Valencia Gp

    Hi guys!! Long time without posting but always keeping an eye on you... - The incident: Webber happens... can´t see how he can put the blame on Kovy - Alonso: I can understand he got mad, it was a crucial race for him. True he did the right thing and lost and the one he considers his rival for the tittle cheated and got away with it. It has to be frustrating (big time) Having said this and even when I understand these statements were done just after the race I´m a litte bit tired of his attitude. It was 24 guys racing out there and Hammy was the only one breaking the rules. The other racers/teams deserve some respect. Kobayashi, Buemi and Vettel (among some others)did they work in style, don´t tell them about manipulated races. FA´s not the center of the F1, there was F1 way before him and there´ll be way after he´s gone. In the meantime he´s lossing some nice oportunties to shut up his huge mouth. Either he focus in racing or the season will be over for him soon. - Hamilton: This guys knows no limit... he´s always on the edge. On the one hand, when it comes to racing, he produces best entertainment I´ve seen in years so I can only applause him. One the other, when it comes to do whatever he wants to do, I guess it´s too much and I´m as tired of his "tactis" as of Fernando´s whining . When you are constantly walking on the edge of the knife you have a lot of chances to get hurt... Every single time this guy decides to go his way he´s putting the FIA and the sport in evidence and I firmly suspect he´s going to pay for it. - FIA: Absolutelly true it took them too much to sanction LH and when they did it ended up in nothing (I think the punishment fitted the crime... the timing was clearly the problem) Anyhow I have to say this new era with Jean Todt it´s way better than the previous one... we´ve gone from sanctioning everything to let the racers race. I clearly prefer the current situation. As far as concerns the old war between Lewi´s and Alonso´s fans... guys, some of you are so pathetic that your posts deserve no answer. Everyone has he right to be biassed and of course entittled to have an opinion but a little bit of common sense would not hurt you (this applies both sides)Luckily there´s still a lot of fine posters around here that make this site an amazing one. I´m not talking about those who can go momentarily crazy and write some crap (I´ve been one of those) I´m talking about those who when it comes to praise/criticize their beloved/hated racer forget the facts and can go from point A to point Z in a post to justify the unjustifiable. Take care!!! Formula 1 fan
  2. Pics Of U!

    Yeah, probably Dribs is not worried about that... I have a terrible success with the gay comunity, if i only had half with women Thanks Ben, you know i always keep an eye on the forum although i can't participate as much as i'd like
  3. Pics Of U!

    Yeah... in fact i look a little bit like the avatar
  4. Pics Of U!

  5. Pics Of U!

    Well, can't compete with the things I'm seeing here but well... This is me (as you can see i work as a model for a famous Mexican beer)
  6. Is Button A Worthy World Champion In Your Opinion?

    Two things... 1) Your obssesion about FA is incredibly boring... you should try to **** him, maybe after that the obsession will be over. 2) Of course JB is an absolutely worthy champion. He basically won when had the best car and did the necessary without making too many mistakes when the rest were pussing to hell. I'm actually really glad he grabbed it.
  7. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Great news... watch out. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he would grab a couple of races before the end of the season. Never thought i would write this but i'm really happy to have MS back
  8. Tour De France

    Hi Pump, how have you been? Well apparently the only persons whithin the peloton that think that way (he has no class) about Contador are Amrstrong and Bruyneel. Pls, if you have the chance read what Andy Schelck have said about Contador (he's a gentleman) and about the possibility of joining Armstrong's team next year (after what he saw this year with Alberto Contador he would never be in the same team than the american)Probably the whole world has no class and LA is the right one. Can you pls tell me what has AC exactly done to deserve the title of man with no class? yeah, next year Contador will probably win the tour again and Armstrong will do exactly the same thing he did this year. Nothing but crying
  9. Tour De France

    Couldn't disagree more... I will not say Contador is an angel but can't believe you bought the storie the american side of Astana and Bruyneel have been teling. Armstrong ows his podium finish to the Astana no doubt about that, Contador ows nothing to the team (when have you seen the leader of the tour and by far the strongest man of the race without the possibility of being aggresive because they have to protect another one's possition? Remember the old times of discovery channel? How many times did Armstrong did not attack in order to help anyone within his team? Come on... Ask Roberto Heras) Armstrong in any other team would have been 9th, 10th, no more than that. Not among the best in the chronos (Alberto was the best overall) not among the best in the mountains (again, Alberto was the best)Hadn't it been for the team chrono and the absolutelly stupid over protection the whole team have been giving him he would have been far away from podium possitions. I can perfectly understands Contador feels he ows nothing to the team, anyone not blind can tell you that. Are you gonna tell me that the guy who has been talikng rubish about AC all the time and the guy that announced he was creating a new team the day his team mate was grabbing the "maillot jaune" is the team player? Contador won it fair and square, LA is a pathetic looser, he's the one that has dropped in my value...
  10. Alguersuari Replaces Bourdais

    Indeed... Not a single lap in a grand prix and already talking crap? He talks about SB as if he (Alguersuari) were the ****ing Nikki Lauda. Is this guy really ready for F1? I don't think they are doing him any favour (more on the contrary) but on the other hand Toro Rosso has made right decissions in the past with their racers so something good must have shown the prick.
  11. Piquet Jr. Speaks His Mind

    thanks a lot I can not participate as much as i like but i always keep an eye on you guys, things haven't changed a lot anyhow which is great... King_Alonso, of course anyone is entitled to have an opinion but after a few weeks around here you should know how this forum works. I've seen a lot of overeacting here, from your and (over all) some others side. Just keep posting mate
  12. Piquet Jr. Speaks His Mind

    Apparently this topic was a big metaphore about a cricket bat inside a rectum (Fernando's cricket bat & Nelsinho's rectum to be accurate) Pee, poo, c#ck and bum are words i find really offensive and aboslutelly unnacceptable, where are the moderators when you need them? Later on i will create a thread offering my sexual services for money to the chicks of this forum and one of them will remove it to te cafe, b#####ds Note that unluckily i haven't been drinking
  13. 2009 Prediction Thread

    This is bulls##t, noone would buy a bottle of crappy italian wine (Spanish ones are muc better and less expensive) The rest of predictions are ok
  14. Pics Of U!

    Thanks Ben!! Yeah... I never left actually but my job is absolutely demanding so i can't participate as much as i'd like. Anyhow, I allways keep an eye on what you guys wrote
  15. Pics Of U!

    Nah... i see you (like most of women) are not able to face a real commitment, i'm no longer interested in you (you would hurt me, i see it clear)