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  1. 2014 Car Designs?

    Great Job Buddy. Lets see how close that mock up comes to real 2014 cars. Cheers
  2. 2013 Preseason Predictions

    Yeah, but JB AND Perez both are poor qualifiers so i expect them to start from 5th,6th,7th or 8th positions. On the other hand with Hamilton gone i guess the pressure would be lesse on Button to match as Perez may take some time to find his place and get suited to the new mclaren team and car. Cheers
  3. 2013 Preseason Predictions

    I reckon Lotus and Mclaren will come strong and this year we may see Red-Bull struggling as they have openly admitted that they are bit late on their 2013 car;. And, with rules changing for 2014 any team which makes a good start to the season will be in the drivers seat as most of the teams will have to focus onto 2014 way before they usually would start as their is drastic change in rules. Ferrari may again struggle at the start of the season but with their wind tunnel problems sorted out they can be the dark horses and with Fernando Alonso u can always expect them to be in the title fight. For Mercedes and other teams i guess its gonna be same story altogether. In my opinion Mercedes may have already started work on their 2014 campaign as there is very little they can do to improve drastically in 2013. So, it wold make sense to go a bit aggressive early on for 2014 as far as Mercedes is Concerned. BTW guys what do u think? Would love to know ur opinions as well.