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  1. Grid Girls - Stay or Leave ?

    Hopefully there will be exciting racing then because they're slowly killing all the other glamorous things F1 used to be renown for. And as for LM saying they're listening to what the fans want on engine sound, that's the biggest case of the the tail wagging the dog I've heard yet! The current engine manufacturers are complelely running the show in that department so I don't think LM should insult the fans intelligence by saying they're listening.
  2. Grid Girls - Stay or Leave ?

    Grid girls should definitely stay. I don't like the direction F1 is heading at all - No grid girls, no noise, 3 engines for a season and now we have halo's. The soul of F1 is dying, I wonder what's next - no fighter jet displays because they're too noisy and not environmentally friendly? Liberty need to get a grip
  3. This Is Just Stupid

    Front on they look like a giant pair of spectacles - Formula Mr Magoo but why stop there! The cars already sound like Sh#t, about to look like Sh#t, both Alonso & Button have been outspoken about how the cars are heavier and slower than 10 years ago & less of a challenge to drive and should be loud and substantially faster than the formula below. What else can the current panel of intellectual giants that are the FIA strategy group come up with next to further murder F1? Honestly I reckon some of these idiots that come up with some of the Sh#t that's happened and now being proposed barely have enough brains to breathe! I happen to agree with Hamilton in that the current drivers should represent some input into technical changes to the formula - after all they're the ones currently driving and racing in the sport. Call me old fashioned if you will but are the politicians and engineers out there on the track putting there balls and neck on the line!
  4. We Did Driver Helmets, What About Yours?

    Just the Clubman Yamaha KT100S
  5. We Did Driver Helmets, What About Yours?

    Kosmic TS30
  6. We Did Driver Helmets, What About Yours?

    Sparco Spy 5. My own design I've had for years
  7. After Van Der Guard had a favorable ruling in a European court about his contract drive for Sauber I can't help but think that Sauber have taken a lax view of Australian law & chosen to ignore the ruling. I think they maybe not aware of how tough this country is, and in particular Victoria. This state operates with a strict & non-flexible tolerance to breaking the law. As a Victorian resident we have a 3km speed tolerance of the limit and believe me you get fined if you're over - no question!. Added to that we Victorians get fined for just about anything you can think of - Jay walking - feet on a train seat - stopping momentarily in a no stopping area to drop your child off to school - everything! So if the supreme court rules in favour of Van Der Guard & Sauber are found in contempt of court, I have no doubt that what the TV commentators are saying about ballifs confiscating race equipment WILL actually happen!
  8. Who Has The Best Helmet?

    Totally agree that a drivers helmet design is like his or her signature and should remain for the duration of their career as their identity. I've personally kept the same design since I drew it on a piece of paper in 1989/90 with only a few modifications made over the years but the base concept has remained the same. Apart from Senna's helmet I like Berger's, Button's and Mansell's. All those designs incorporate their national flags in some way and in particular I like what Jenson has done with the Union Jack configuring his initials.
  9. Bernie Wants To Change Engine Rules

    There's Formula E if you want environmental friendly engines. Why should F1 have to be all green & hippy? Never has been & there's only 20 cars of their kind running in the world. Since its inception F1 used to be about raw horsepower, noise, glamour & gladiator drivers. Now the drivers are goodie two shoes corporate marketing athletes driving quiet battery orientated cars on a fuel saving mission. It just isn't F1
  10. Bernie Wants To Change Engine Rules

    Yes for me it will be a dream come true. Will be very interesting to see how the voting goes on the 18th and whether Mercedes powered teams and Honda will conspire against the return of V10's
  11. Bernie Wants To Change Engine Rules

    Go Bernie! Bring back the V10's wahoo! I'll go back to buying grand stand tickets again as I'm sure a lot of other fans will too after being underwhelmed track side in 2014
  12. Lauda On Modern F1

    Alex Winter from Bill & Ted's excellent adventure to play Schumi for sure
  13. Lauda On Modern F1

    I really like how blunt & to the point Nikki is- big wheels & huge horsepower - love it!
  14. Andrea De Cesaris Dies In Motorcycle Accident

    I remember Andrea well, sad to hear the news regardless of his reputation or results statistics. At the end of the day these guys all share the same passion so when someone is killed it's always a sad loss for the motorsport community. R.I.P. Andrea