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  1. Was Jean Alesi Under-Rated?

    Fully agreed, it was a great waste of such a great talent, every team he joined was at the wrong time, exactly like Martin Brundle
  2. Was Jean Alesi Under-Rated?

    He was a brilliant driver, even with the Sauber in 1999, even though he only scored 2 pts that year, he was always in the top 10, driving well n aggressively until something broke on that car, but yes Jean was a excellent driver, i love watching drive the Ferrari 412T2 from 1995, he always had that thing dancing n by the scruff often neck
  3. 2016 Ferrari

    Yeah right
  4. Villeneuve's F1 Mistakes

    I know but his seat for 98 wasn't safe but, at the start of 97 he wasn't pulling the results, DC won in Melbourne n I think Hakkinen qualified in 17th for the Argentine Gp, but his results improved n look at where he is today
  5. Villeneuve's F1 Mistakes

    His still one of my heros but, yeah nah at the end of 1997, there were rumours going around that Hakkinens seat for 98 wasn't safe, that must be what his on about, I have heard Mclaren were interested in him in the late 90's, also there was a rumour that Damon Hill was going to end up at Mclaren too to replace hakkinen, be he went to Jordan instead
  6. Renault Going Back To 2010?

    ING wasn't that a good sponsor, oh well, yeah the new Renault livery looks mad, they look like they are ready for business
  7. Magnussen To Take Maldonado's 2016 Seat?

    Just goes to show that Renault actually want talent in their seat
  8. Prediction For Next Year's Wcc

    Well for Danny Ric's sake I hope your right
  9. Prediction For Next Year's Wcc

    in my opinion I think red bull will struggle a lot this year with this new tag engine that was only announced 1 week before Xmas, they have a lot of work to do, 1,Mercedes 2,Ferrari 3,Williams 4,Force India 5,Mclaren Honda 6,Red Bull TAG 7,Toro Rosso 8,Renault ( they will loose a lot of points due to incompetent driver in Pastor Maldonado n a pretty sluggish 2nd driver in Mr Palmer) 9,Sauber ( again I think Erriccson is holding this team back from scoring bigger points) 10,Haas ( Guitterrez will hold them back too, in 2 years in formula one before he only has had 1 points scoring result, y a 2nd chance?) 11,Manor,(let's hope they get there stuff together not that John Booth n Graeme Lowndon have left the team) My top 7 teams all have good drivers n pretty good personal in their teams, but yeah, Renault need to do something if they want to get up n win the world title again, btw I think Palmer is a very good driver, but I think Pastor will be slightly quicker than him over a lap, but Palmer will bring the car home, HAAS, yeah what's the story about Ferrari evulating Esteban Guitterrez for a 2017 Ferrari seat, they cannot be serious, I didn't see anything in the 2 years he was at Sauber to make me think he deserves a top ride in formula one, I think that there are far more fine drivers in the world that deserved that 2nd Haas seat alongside Grosjean let alone be a ideal replacement for Kimi Raikkonen
  10. Prediction For Next Year's Wcc

    We're going on about Red Bull, but those changes had to happen cos everyone was sick n tired of that nob Vettel taking title after title n waving his finger, if that we're me I would have stuck his finger where the sun don't shine, n make sure I super glue it for good measure, lol
  11. Possible Haas Livery?

    The 1997 Prost or the 2001 Prost were the prettiest looking cars from memory, also Webbers Jag from 04 was a sick paint job
  12. Jv A Bitter Old Man.

    I know he was in a shoot out for the Jordan drive With Taku, n I think Arrows were interested but I would highly doubt Ron Dennis would have put Jean in one of his cars, I think Eddie Irvine had a better chance
  13. Jv A Bitter Old Man.

    Can u send me a link stating Jean Alesi was in line for a Macca drive for 2002, it's got me curious
  14. Jv A Bitter Old Man.

    Alesi. To partner DC. In 2002? Weren't they going to put Alex Wurz in the drive or Heidfeld, I would have loved to have seen Alesi at Mclaren, but I don't think it would have been the case
  15. Maldonado And Palmer In Doubt 2016.

    Would Alain Prost be the manager now?