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  1. Should Lewis Hamilton Start To Worry ?

    And coming back to the post, rosberg is the one who has to worry Mercedes is always going to back lewis in crisis sitiations because he has failed to prove himself as a better driver.
  2. Should Lewis Hamilton Start To Worry ?

    But that doesn't mean I don't understand that he is a cry baby and all those things he do wen he loses. Never the less he is one of the great driver in his time.
  3. Should Lewis Hamilton Start To Worry ?

    Whoa so much hate for one person. Am I the only one who feels that lewis is a great driver in this forum except lewy04 ? I thought this forum acknowledges true talent. Guess not.
  4. 2016 Ferrari

  5. 2016 Ferrari

    Ha ha .
  6. 2016 Canada - Race No. 7

    Let's see what he does from here on. He was good from last year end.
  7. 2016 Canada - Race No. 7

    Except for the brilliant start from vettel and some good moves to overtake the bulls he didn't do anything great yesterday. Not Wat is expected of a 4 time wdc. He was closing down the gap to 4 seconds and was on much fresher tyre when he made mistakes. From my point of view he could hAve won if he had pushed Hamilton to the limit. Hamilton drove around for nearly 50 laps. Just saying.
  8. Silly Season

    Improvement! !!!! I am sorry I have not seen any improvement from his driving. He is slower than vettel. And he is slower than the teams who are slower than the ferrari. What more does ferrari need to see before they replace him. Last year the car was not competetive. But this year the car has improved a lot and in some races they are very close to merc. Vettel could hAve win the race if Ferrari had not gambled. Also I read some interesting theories that vettel is actually making these many mistakes to make kimi look better.
  9. Silly Season

    I feel he is out of the team. If they keep kimi they will not win the constructors when the car becomes competetive next year. He should have to make up places with that fast car.Not go behind. Just my opinion. Let s see what maranello dexudes.
  10. 2016 Canada - Race No. 7

    Boring race and ferrari as usual messed up with their strategies. Vettel was terrible. Too many lockups too many mistakes. That's not how you chase. Max did well defending the fast merc or rosberg forgot how to overtake. Terrible rosberg. I am sure kimi s performances are being noted . He is surely going after this season. I wonder why jenson was given a high mileage engine. Poor decision from honda. Force india s were good.
  11. Silly Season

    Alonso fired???!!! That's new. Ok here s what i think would be the next years drivers line up. Hamilton Rosberg Vettel perez Ricci max Alonso vandoorne Button bottas Sainz and x Lynn and hulk Kmag and maldo/kvayt Gros and guti Welhrein and rossi
  12. 2016 Canada - Race No. 7

    Seriously , you call that whining . Come on man!!! Any driver would be disappointed after losing from winning position . And this has happened to him twice ,that too in a matter of two weekends. Have a heart.
  13. 2016 Canada - Race No. 7

    Webric, looks like you got another new member to fight/argue with. Sweet.
  14. Teammate War - Who's Winning ?

    The last line. Lol
  15. 2016 Canada - Race No. 7

    Coming back to the Canadian race, I feel mclaren are going to be terrible here with that long straights if honda doesn't bring a powerupgrade?