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  1. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Don't bother I'm out of here anyway.
  2. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    FIA justice has a strange logic of its own. With FIA you get fined first and you get to know why 24 hours later.
  3. Would Ferrari Have Been Punished In A Similar Situation?

    This poll is a sick joke. **** FIA & FERRARI
  4. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Stewart 'shocked' by FIA ruling Thursday, 13, September, 2007, 20:27 Three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart has expressed disbelief at the severity of the penalty handed to McLaren at Thursday
  5. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    FIA= ****ING IDIOTIC a##holes
  6. Mclaren's Penalty Prediction

    Too many post about this story I didn't check them all as it does my head. Sorry.
  7. Mclaren's Penalty Prediction

    THOUGHTS BEFORE THE WORLD COUNCIL SEPTEMBER 11, 2007 Thoughts before the World Council In the next 36 hours there needs to be a lot of thinking in FIA circles - at least one would hope that will be the case because the "trial" of McLaren is as much a trial of the FIA as it is of the team. The FIA World Council has already decided that McLaren breached Article 151c of the International Sporting Code and was involved in "fraudulent conduct or any act prejudicial to the interests of any competition or to the interests of motor sport". This was because a rogue employee Mike Coughlan was found to be in unauthorised possession of documents and confidential information belonging to Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro. The team is responsible for rogue employees. In July the Council concluded that there was insufficient evidence to punish McLaren but added that if new evidence did emerge the decision would be reconsidered. The FIA move to recall the matter to the World Council is apparently based on new evidence that has been received. This includes messages that were sent between McLaren drivers Pedro de la Rosa and Fernando Alonso which, it seems, suggest that the development of the McLaren MP4-22 was influenced by information flowing from Ferrari's Nigel Stepney to Coughlan and from him to the drivers. So let us assume that someone else in the team has been found to have known about the leaks from Stepney. What does that prove? Rules are rules, some will say. True, but it is the sign of a healthy system of government that the law is applied in a sensible fashion and that the legislature is trusted to make the right decisions. The FIA rules and regulations are often open to interpretation because that provides the federation with flexibility to use the rules as they see fit. This is not a bad idea so long as there are no abuses. In ethics and in law there is a fundamental principle that the severity of a penalty should be proportional to the severity of the infraction. The concept is common to most cultures throughout the world. British law, for example, can trace its attempts to establish such a system can be traced back to 1275 and the principle is enshrined in the Habeas Corpus Act and the English Bill of Rights. The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution similarly forbids punishments which are "cruel and unusual". The point of all this is that while the FIA operates in something of a legal vacuum, it will not be allowed to impose a punishment that does not fit the crime. If McLaren is to be punished there needs to be quantitative evidence that a significant advantage was gained by the new evidence being presented. And how does one show that an SMS or e-mail message from one driver to another resulted directly in the team gaining a sufficient advantage to put McLaren ahead of Ferrari at some races? And how in the world can the FIA distinguish this from the development that has been going on at McLaren at the same time? If that sounds like a pretty impossible task. But thia is only a part of the problem. Perception is what matters. It is widely perceived these days that President Max Mosley has too often made the mistake of making public his dislike of McLaren
  8. Fisi: Renault Need To Decide - Soon

    Giancarlo Fisichella has once again expressed his desire to stay with Renault but says the team needs to decide "very soon." Although Renault have won two Drivers' and two Constructors' Championships since he joined at the start of 2005 season, the Roman's time at the team has not actually been all that successful. While his former team-mate Fernando Alonso claimed the headlines and Drivers' title in 2005 and 2006, Fisichella spent much of the time filling a supporting role. And although he did help Renault win the Constructors' titles those same two seasons, there wasn't much personal joy or success for him. But his latest season, 2007, has been the worst for the Roman since his return to Renault. He has yet to even finish on the podium, never mind claim a race win. Fisi, though, is still hoping Renault re-sign him for next year's Championship, although says the team needs to let him "very soon" otherwise he may start looking at other options. "My contract is with Renault but the team has to choose very soon if I will be re-confirmed or not," he told the official F1 website. "Personally, I would like to stay because I have worked very hard and made very few mistakes." The Roman, though, has no idea as to when Renault will decide about their 2008 line-up. "That is a question for Renault to answer!" What would be in your opinion, Renault best driver line-up for next season?
  9. What Do You Think Can Make F1 More Interesting

    I always thought it was funny that for now what seems a long time, most of he races are decided 90% either relative to the grid position or in the pits. No real idea about techical issues, but working on the ground effect looks interesting. Anyway whatever solution allowing more overtakings.
  10. Am I The Only Gay In The Villiage?????

    I thought Jenson was.
  11. Briatore Wants Alonso

    Flavio Briatore openly admitted on Tuesday that he would be delighted to woo Fernando Alonso back to Renault in 2008. The French team's boss, who brought the Spaniard into Formula One in 2001 and still maintains a financial interest in his career, told the Spanish sports newspaper Marca that reigning World Champion Alonso was a "far better" driver at Renault. "You can see that if you are Spanish, I know that -- even the Turks know it," Briatore, an arch-nemesis of Alonso's current McLaren boss Ron Dennis, said. "It is obvious that I would love to have Fernando back." Also obvious, Briatore said, is Alonso's unhappiness in 2007, and - asked if he could see him staying at McLaren next year - answered: "I have no idea. I love Fernando, but he already has a contract (for 2008). " Briatore's interview on Tuesday coincides with speculation that Alonso's manager Luis Garcia-Abad might have found a way out of the 2008 McLaren deal. "If he is free, for whatever reason, and I don't know his contract, but if he is free tomorrow I think Renault, Toyota, Williams, everybody (would be interested)," Briatore concluded. Source During the Turkish GP TF1 french speakers said that Alonso was more furious against Ron Dennis than ever.... They also said that Renault are desperate to have Alonso back, they said Alonso would have a hefty paycheck and a substantial increase of Renault F1 budget as an incentive. I want to make it clear that they didn't say that Alonso was going to Renault next year, they just confirmed Renault are ready to do anything possible to attract Alonso back. J.Laffite and fellow speakers have usually very reliable sources as an example they announced S Bourdais deal several days before the official one was confirmed. So it'll be intersting to watch the development.
  12. Honda Shuffle Continues

    Yep looks like Nick Fry is firing a lot of men, for Honda sake though he should have done the only logical thing, firing himself.
  13. Williams tester, Narain Karthikeyan has confirmed that he has a contract with the Grove-based outfit for next season - and that he is hoping to get behind the wheel as a driver. Karthikeyan has been with Williams in a test capacity for the last two years, following his debut Formula 1season with Jordan-Midland back in 2005. Now the Indian is hoping to get back into a race seat in 2008, although whether he will replace Nico Rosberg or Alex Wurz, whose contracts both expire at the end of this season, is not clear. Speaking to the Hindustan Times he added though that if the Williams drive doesn't happen, then he will continue racing in the A1 Grand PrixWorld Cup of Motorsport.
  14. Bourdais Signs For Toro Rosso

    What did I say...... Whatever Gerhard Berger does he is a d#ckhead. Well the d#ckead had won ten GP, drove for Ferrari and Mac Laren amongst other teams, succesfully collaborated with BMW, he was good mate with Ayrton Senna which had a lot of respect for the autrian driver, he was a damn good driver and the only mistake he ever did was too be born around the same time than a certain Ayrton Senna.......Not bad for a d#ckhead....... for you vast amount of money spent in a F1 team and thousand and thousand hours of hard work is just worth 3 or 4 words " they're d#ckheads. Congratulation mate
  15. Bourdais Signs For Toro Rosso

    Thanks man