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  1. "For the love of God" is just a figure of speech. It's sort of like "What the hell is wrong with these people"? I know things will never change with the TV broadcasts and that's why I've lost interest in the sport. It's the only connection I have with the cars and they've ruined that with their mindless and pathetic directing. Too bad for me.
  2. blackpebal, I knew there was someone else out there that isn't satisfied with the F1 telecasts. Here's a few suggestions for Sky Sports that they never use: 1) How about a wide shot of one corner where we get to see every car go through one after the other, without cutting away? By "wide shot" I mean the width of the track, not the trees or bleachers, just the width of the track so we can see a whole car or 2 or 3 going through the corner, ESPECIALLY at the start and restarts when the all the cars are close together. You should be sitting on that camera until every car flies past. PLEASE DO THIS especially in BAKU. The exit of turn 13 is a perfect example. This is a 130 mph bend with a camera on the outside wall at the exit. They showed 2 cars going through there ONCE when Philppe Massa, was driving!!!! if that gives you any idea how long ago that shot was used. It has to be one of the most exciting shots I've ever seen and THEY NEVER USE IT! And let EVERY SINGLE CAR go past the camera, DO NOT CUT AWAY AND DO NOT ZOOM IN. What in God's name is wrong with these people at Sky Sports that they don't even recognize a fantastic shot? God help those stupid morons. I have pages of suggestions for camera shots but no matter how many Tweets I send to Sky Sports they always fall on deaf ears. How can think they're that good that they can escue criticism? 2) How about a shot across a series of esses when you can see the cars come into the frame from the top right and sweep back and forth then exit lower frame left? Especially at the start and restarts. That will never happen with these idiots because they have to zoom in AND LOOSE ALL THE OTHER ACTION AROUND ONE CAR!!!! 3) Please use the in-car camera of the winners pole lap WITH TELEMETRY for your Track Analysis as it would make much more sense then the confusing array of graphics that you incorporate now. Just put us in the car so we can see exactly what the driver sees. You waste much more air time with senseless baloney when you could be showing use something really informative. 4) Another interesting angle would be from behind the cars as they run down the front straight at COTA. Again stick to the width of the track only and let the cars move back and forth as they jockey for position. They used this once last year and it was a very cool shot because we never get to see it but, do you think they ever used it again....of course not...? 5) Why can't they just sit on a camera for more then 2 seconds before cutting away? 6) And what's the deal with covering brainless pit stops? You cut away from the action on the track to show us ONE CAR going 40 mph down pit lane? WTF? You cut away from the action!! Does anybody in your organization know what a PIP is? Obviously not because you never use it. You'd rather cut away from the other 19 cars that are actually racing on the the track to show us one car going 40 mph. PLEASE STOP DOING THAT. Record it and play it later for yourself. I tuned in to see Formula One cars racing but that ain't gonna happen with you people because you don't know what to do. I don't give a s##t that you may have 30 cameras to monitor, you're supposed to be professionals so ....figure it out. For the love of God. If Sky Sports is interested in improving there production I'll be happy to talk to them...FREE OF CHARGE. See me on Facebook and thanks again for listening.
  3. Hi Guys, Am I the only one who notices that every single race turns into a 1 or 2 car event within a couple laps? Irregardless of the fact there are 20 cars on the track we rarely get to see more then 2-3 in any camera shot (except the start) and you never get to see more then a couple cars flying through the high speed corners like Turn 13 in Baku or swinging back and forth through a series of esses...anywhere???? They showed half a shot of them swinging through the swimming pool at lame can you get. They have no idea how to frame or compose a camera shot???? And when was the last time you saw a decent wide shot down a back straight with cars jockeying back and forth for position.... NEVER! You'll never see these shots with Sky Sports because they're a bunch of idiots with no imagination for camera shots. Then you have some dumb a## in the control room that thinks it's a great idea to zoom in and pan with every shot!!! EVERY SHOT??????? Are you effing kidding me? I dare you to tell me what corner or track the car is in when they use these stupid, blurry close up shots? And let's not forget the idiotic pit stops where they waste 30 seconds of air time on an F1 car going 30 mph down the pit lane. WTF? This all takes place while the other 19 cars (which you'll never get to see) are going 150+ mph out on the track, and let's not forget the moronic cut away shots of nameless strangers watching TV in the pits????? That's not racing that's bulls##t. And why do these mindless shots have to be full screen? Why can't they keep the racing action at full screen and drop these brainless cut a-ways into a corner of the screen??? This director is clearly a moron who has no idea how to cover an F1 race if he thinks a pit stop is more important then actual racing. God help that idiot. I don't ever want too see a pit stop unless the car is on fire or there's an explosion. I tuned in to watch racing not cars standing still. Do you hear me SKY SPORTS? Just when you think the coverage can't get anymore boring Sky Sports proves me wrong and Monaco is living proof of that. They obviously have no idea how to cover an F1 race and it's to our detriment. They might as well call these events the Mercedes Benz Show for all the coverage any other team ever gets. I've been an F1 fan since 1973 but I can' sit and watch a race anymore because they are the most boring affairs on television thanks to Sky Sports. I've lost interest in the sport because of the mindless and stupid directing and lack of imagination of camera shots. Who wants to sit and watch a 2 car race for 90 minutes with 30+ camera shots every lap???? Not me. I realize they are trying to make F1 appealing to a wider audience but all they're doing is driving serious fans away from the sport. Oh well... Thanks for listening.
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