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  1. Vettel is a certified halfwit.
  2. Vettel with another garbage performance.
  3. Is that the best you have? I get that you have aspergers syndrome, but really?
  4. You posted your crappy paintings on here last year. And I am thankful they have nothing to do with me. I wouldn't want my name associated with such nonsense. I feel sorry for you.
  5. I have a great life. I don't need a wheelchair. I get plenty of fresh air. I also don't paint weird pictures and spend my time white knighting for a bigot like Sakae. You have my pity in those regards. And many others as well.
  6. Vettel will only win another world title if Ferrari build a rocketship. Even that might not be enough. They did last year and he still managed to **** up. He almost ****ed up in 2010 and 2012. I hope the rat retires from every single race this year. Ferrari should have signed Verstappen. He's clearly the best driver on the grid.
  7. Sakae hates Kubica because he's Polish. He supported the Germans' cause in WW2.
  8. Vettel had the best car this year. He just didn't use it. Any other opinion is complete bulls##t. I don't like Hamilton but he is a much better driver than your beloved Vettel.
  9. At least I can spell psychological. Your tears are delightful.
  10. Quiet on here. I wonder why. It can't be that Vettel has now officially lost the title in the best car again? Can it? Max dominated the field and once again proved he is the best driver in F1 alongside Hamilton.
  11. Which he won in a car that was lightyears ahead of the rest.
  12. Good laps by the Red Bull drivers and Hamilton Average from the rest.
  13. Your butt buddy had the opportunity to win the WDC the past two years and messed up multiple times. Sorry about that.
  14. I am not the one who thinks that Vettel is perfect and can do no wrong. But it's not your fault that you are autistic.
  15. The Mercedes hasn't been dominant this year. The Ferrari has been the best car for the past two years. Vettel has failed to use it properly.
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