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  1. SA Kick India's Butt

    ok here it is: Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 8 735 233 56.53 1 3 not at all bad.....
  2. SA Kick India's Butt

    yeah maybe.....but i was responding to the statement about him being an useless batsmen abroad....which is ofcourse not true......
  3. SA Kick India's Butt

    take dravid's records and see.... he has his overseas average above the home average.....(tests) Read:Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 away: 57 5288 270 65.28 15 25 home:47 3761 222 51.52 8 21 so before you say anything about him as a player.....look at stats.....about being a captain well that maybe a different issue.... in ODIs it is fairly equal both home and away........ Read:Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 At opposition home: 101 3474 123* 41.85 2 33 at home:83 3073 153 44.53 6 20 neutral:117 3152 145 33.89 4 19
  4. So What

    we might just see ferrari treating their drivers equally atleast the first few races.....
  5. What Was Up With Fisi?

    make it back in a month or not he still gave it....hats off for that.....plain and simple....
  6. Alonso: Is Nothing Good Enough For Him?

    AS newspaper quoted Alonso as saying: "They wanted us to finish second and third because they do not want me to take the number one to a different team." He said there is 'no doubt' that the constructors' championship is therefore more important to Renault in 2006, and added that only 'some' in blue and yellow uniforms were disappointed to lose the Chinese Grand Prix to Ferrari's Michael Schumacher. "Some others are happy," Alonso continued, "because we went past Ferrari in the team battle. They are not helping me as much as they could." ***** ******* if you ask me pressure is getting on this guy's nerve.........such stupidity..... and ofcourse Renault is happy for that part....what else does he expect them to do....some people take the postives of out a day's job...
  7. Williams Retain Karthikeyan

    good news for him and his fans....wish him the best for next year....
  8. Happy Birthday Admin!

    a very happy birthday wes
  9. These Drivers Will Never Win A Wdc

    lot of people don't forget that.....
  10. Dejected By Schumi's Decision To Retire

    well it is called timing you retirement.....and MS did just that....whether he wins the WDC or not....he'll leave the sport on a high....something few sports people have managed to achieve....
  11. New Testing Proposal

    so do I a limit in pre sason testing is too much.....
  12. Karthikeyan Aims For Wurz's Seat

    the story says aiming pump we'll see about getting later
  13. Karthikeyan Aims For Wurz's Seat

    hello ecap...long time eh and oh, nothing wrong with NK aiming for the 3rd driver seat...whether frank will take him is his decision...
  14. EJ: Frank Should Sell To Toyota

    hmmm....maybe GM should think a little....