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  1. This race was very good, and it was inspiring to watch. Some strategy, passing for position, and lots of driver input are the kind of things I like to watch in a race.
  2. Good race, it was very entertaining. Hamilton looked pretty smooth out there today, and the race was filled with some good passing moves. Massa Historically has held his own with the aging JV, MS, KR, and isn't being embarrased by Alonso, and heck he even hits his own pit marks. I can't think of one driver who has been challenged by so many greats in the same equipment, and performed so admirably. The perception about him on this forum though is still the same I see. Hmmm . He seems to be the judging stick for other drivers. If you can't beat Massa, you better retire.
  3. Really? This was for 10th, he made a mistake and RB had him and this would have been a clean pass on the straight section of the track. To approve of MS's dangerous moves would mean you are in favour of carnage on the track. Why not just issue pistols. So not only do you need to drive well, but you need to be a good shot too. Come on Autumnpuma you must be joking.
  4. What I find so interesting in these discussions is how much weight the driver contribution has in the race outcome. MS was a great driver racing in an even greater car. Ferrari built that car for MS's driving style. It was a marriage made in Heaven. I don't care how good or great a driver is, the car, and it's relationship with it's tires is still the largest part of the WINNING EQUATION. MS helped Ferrari build that car, and then went on to prove he was capable enough to drive it at a superb level. Without that mix and teamwork, MS would have never won 7 WDC's. However the team stayed together and focused, and Micheal benefitted as a result. His skill and success are unquestionable, but he is not a racing god. Just like every other driver out there, he needed the complete package. Anyone who thought MS was going to come back to a new team, and prove anything was living in a fantasy world. Mercedes have not yet built Micheals car, and they might not even be capable of doing it. MS and Ferrari were special.
  5. YHR

    Hungarian Gp

    Watch the video again. Watch Micheals head. HE is not choosing his own line. HE is reacting to RB in his mirrors. That is what got him the penalty. It is called blocking, and he did it way too late. I guess his reflexs aren't what they were. If he put his car up against the wall to prevent RB from taking that line, then fine, but he chose to shut the door way too late, and it was dangerous. Similiar to closing the door on an apex way too late.
  6. YHR

    Hungarian Gp

    How about Mr. Button's bone. Mr Buttons. Sounds like a Saturday morning muppet. Before you get upset, Relax, I like Button. He has matured over the years, and is one of F1's good guys now. Not sure what is up with the McClaren, but it isn't suiting him.
  7. YHR

    Hungarian Gp

    I thought Massa drove a solid, but uneventful race. Got the most out of the Ferrari he had today. Hamilton passed him in the pit only because he slowed down on his in lap during the safety car so he wouldn't be stacked up with Alonso. Not sure what you expect out of him. Both Ferrari drivers get the thumbs up from me. MS should retire. I respect him as a 7 time world champion, but the same reasons I disliked him though all the years was evident today. He drove dangerously for what????? His huge ego just cannot except his weaknesses. What he did today was almost criminal. For I guy that preaches about safety in F1 so much, I can only view his actions as being hypocritical. No way to protect drivers from others bad attitudes. He is supposed to be a professional. He should just pack it in now. His skills aren't there anymore, but his attitude is and that is just dangerous now.
  8. Not sure how it happened, I was being civil, and then Banned Baaaaabbbbyyyyyyyyy or what ever he does. So far so good. Just between me and you ## ## # ####### ####### #### # #### ###### ####!!!!!!
  9. I evaluate drivers on much more then that. I brought that up as one of the reasons I am starting to dislike him personally,His head is getting swollen. Stupid is as stupid does, and I guess Maure's blocking maneuver answers that one. Guys, I can only hope that means I will not have to suffer from more of Maure's delusional posts. I would like to start a Forum. Only those that have been blocked by Maure can join. It is going to be called totalf1.
  10. I still Like Alonso, but he needs to just drive, and quit complaining about his teammate, he is starting to embarrass himself.
  11. I used to really like Alonso. Thought he was a great Champion. THen came the claim about being worth 0.6 sec/lap, McLaren and now the issue with Massa being in his way. If Massa hadn't been leading and was in second place holding up Alonso I could have seen the logic in the team wanted FM out of the way..............................oh never mind. I just Hope FM and Smedley make it very tough on the other guy for the rest of the year. IF they have to keep telling Massa to Let Alonso through, it will be the biggest joke in F1. Just imagine a few weekends of this Smedley Felipe, Alonso is faster, do you copy? Felipe OK I'll slow down and let him catch up.
  12. +2. The rule is stupid, a team should do what ever it wants with respect to how it run's it team. As a fan I don't like it, becuase of what happened in Germany, but I beleive Ferrari or any team has the right to do what it wants in this regard. Ferrai has been consistant at one thing through the years. The team comes first,and that they want one of their drivers to be the World Champion. Can't argue with that. Whether it is MS EI KR, FM or FA there will come a point where one will become the chosen one if the goal is obtainable.
  13. First of all I am an Alonso fan. I think he is one of the best drivers in the field. I am also a Massa fan as I feel he has matured as a driver, and has faired well against the "best" in equal equipment so these results are really the only true comparisons we can make. As a fan of both drivers, it was unfortunate that Ferrari has shown favoritism to Alonso so early in the game, because I really would have like to have known how Massa really stacked up against Alonso this season. IF Ferrari hadn't enginered this result Massa would be 14 points closer to Alonso then he is now. Do the arithmetic. The fight was still on. Ferrari's actions have told all of us that Alonso will always finish ahead of Massa. Massa's only hope is that if Alonso has a couple of bad results. Also before Kimi yielded to Massa he was mathematically eliminated from the championship. So obviously the rules within the team have changed this year. Contract stipulations maybe, Maybe fair fight until halfway, and then whoever is in the lead at the midpoint gets preferrential treatment to the end of the year. Who knows why it happened, but it has happened, and for me personally it has skewed one of the things I find enjoyable in watching F1. It will be harder to evaluate the drivers against each other with this knowledge of what has happened. When Comparing this season and the driver results there will always have to be a disclaimer attached to the results because of Ferrari's actions.
  14. The main stream press has no idea what happened. I read the race review in the local paper, and it talked about Alonso passing Massa with 20 laps to go, and then cruising to victory with his team mate languishing in second place. The must have got their info from Ferrari.
  15. Kimi was mathamatically eliminated from the WDC before he started yielding to Massa. Massa is not that far out of the championship. Take 7 points away from Alonso and add them to Massa's WDC total, and there is less then a victory between them. Even an Alonso fan should see this will tarnish Alonso's achievements at Ferrari this year. He has just been gifted 14 points over his team mate, in a season that is barely over halfway. He didn't earn these points and his total is now tarnished. It would appear as if the thing so important to you between Massa and Kimi has just be used to benefit Alonso. So using your logic and example I would think you would conclude Alonso results for 2010 will be forever in question as he was gifted his points as well, and the point total will not be a true measure of his race craft.
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