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  1. Showin their hand

  2. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Thanks DPR......I'm not completely crazy, but some mayn't think that way, as being a huge Lewis fan. Leclerc has shown some excellent results so far this season, in that Sauber. Hopefully he will not be relegated to become a wingman, for Vettel in 2019.
  3. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    It will be interesting to see next season if Leclerc in anyway, could offer any challenge to Vettel.
  4. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    That mayn't be the case, if Hamilton is in the other team car, on the other side of the garage.
  5. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Kimi is leaving Ferrari with a win at last. He gave an excellent example for defensive driving, and solid aggression during the start of the race. A very popular win for fans around the world, no matter which driver who might be your favorite.
  6. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Epic performance by Lewis during qualy on Saturday, and on to a well managed drive for the win on Sunday. Doesn't get better than that Honorable mention to Max for his excellent drive, while showing some excellent defensive moves against Vettel
  7. 2019 Silly season

    The only good thing to happen regarding the current Raikkonen situation. Good to see that he will still be on the grid.
  8. Kimi on the opening lap drove as he should've, without any question...period. That early dual between Kimi and Lewis on lap 3 or 4, was really an exciting exchange between those two front runners, which the likes of that hasn't been seen for a long time...….good stuff !! Excellent performance for Hamilton today, by passing Vettel at the very start of the race, and patiently reeling Kimi in during the later stage for a well managed, and deserved win.
  9. Sorry, I'm not gonna bite.
  10. That's your misinterpretation of what I may have said about Sebastian. Vettel could have never become a 4XWDC, if he wasn't already a top world class driver. I maybe wrong, but I doubt that you would have made mention in Button's win at Canada in 2011. Anything about keeping things in proper context or safety car race disruptions.
  11. I don't know if you was following F1 in 2011, or not. I can well imagine though that, you would've felt the same regarding the win that Button had, during the 2011 Canadian GP, because of 6 safety cars. Ironic that another race Vettel lost to Jenson, by falling off the track while leading in the closing laps of the race. Under variable weather conditions
  12. Outstanding performance from Lewis today. It doesn't happen often that a driver starts a race in 14th place, and comes up eventually with the race win. The only drive that I could think would top what Lewis had achieved today, was Kimi at Suzuka in 2005. Coming from 17th place for the race win, on the last lap.
  13. Race 10 - F1 2018 BRITISH GRAND PRIX

    The call to the pit wall by Lewis regarding losing half of his floor, and that his car being broken. Surely didn't sound frantic to me, but I guess it's different with others.