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  1. It is time for Santino Ferruci
  2. I dunno. Kiviat and Wehrlein. I haven't missed any of them tbh.
  3. It is a bad sign, isn't it. It could mean there is a power struggle going on behind the curtains. Ancient Rome revived in Maranello...
  4. Zak's probably promised Vandorne to help him out. "A shame we can't have you next year. You're a really good driver and have done an excellent job. Of course I'll do all I can to help you get a good drive for next season. I am sure it is going to work out just fine for you Might even be better for you this way...bla bla bla..." And then afterwards: "[email protected]! What can I do? I'll tell Torro Rosso they should take Stoffel then I have lived up to my promise"
  5. Looks like wet practice 1,2 and then dry qualifying and race.
  6. " Next year is going to be a compleeeetely different thing. We're going to be extreeeeemely competitive. One or two podiums will certainly be within reach. We've fixed alllll our problems and are moving forward now in an increeeedible speed!" "Really Mr.Brown. Then where do I sign?"
  7. McLaren might never recover. The company seems to be rotten all way through. I get the impression experience ridden local kings knowing best rule in all corners and at every level of development. That, combined with an unhealthy quasi occult worship of Ron Dennis, the past and how things were run in the good old days, might counter all attempts to profoundly change the culture in the company. I fear they will never fix that thing and get it back up running like a brand new machine. Only reason to sign with McLaren would be in the hope that a miracle happens due to the large budget.
  8. This is an entertaining article: The author has recalculated the battle of the midfield as if the three teams Mercedes, RB and Ferrari didn't exist.
  9. According to ( Corriere della Sera has written, that Raikonen is staying at Ferrari. And Leclerc is going to Haas instead of Grosjean. But I can't find the information on Corriere's homepage.
  10. But I don't see why Ocon cannot end up in Haas, McLaren or Williams? They could ll benefit from a driver his caliber.
  11. It is a symptom of the sickness: The sport has become so ridiculously expensive that billionaires can get a foothold simply from richness and not talent, and drivers mostly have to bring money or sponsors comparable to a life's income or more. Maybe the sport should be renamed from Formula 1 to World's Fastest Bank Account.
  12. I have the feeling that Vasseur is in a league of his own. When it comes to McLaren I think there is a tendency to regard Ron Dennis as a half god. He very clearly made a big difference for the his team but also some mistakes. Whitmarsh and Boullier take the blame but Ron placed them there and was their superior wasn't he?
  13. I think Magnussen just isn't very comfortable with a large management structure. He had similar comments about Renault where he didn't have a clear feeling of who was in charge. He is just not into all the BS and hidden politics in a large organisation and so thrives in a smaller team. I think that is just what he is trying to say and then it gets blown out of proportions by the press and feeds speculations every time.His comments are more about himself - about what he likes - than a criticism of the teams he left. He's not a political animal, just a kid who likes to race hard.
  14. Apparently Renault is expecting Sainz to leave by the end of the year. But where would he go??? Red Bull have two drivers, Torro Rosso is hardly a place to return to.
  15. That would be movable bodywork, wouldn't it? That is not allowed.
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