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  1. Oh my just seeing that video of him driving out of the garage for the first time brings back all these memories.
  2. Schumacher

    What is Schumi Junior doing this year and how do you guys see his F1 chances after a successful 2018 racing season?
  3. McLaren need to go "back to basics" in 2019

    I thought so! But still do keep my hopes high for the silver arrows.
  4. McLaren need to go "back to basics" in 2019

    Do you think they actually have a chance to run for podium this year already? Maybe in one race or two, but other than that I don't see them anywhere close this year as well, unfortunately.
  5. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns...

    How is Williams looking this year though? Would be great to see him high up in the rankings again, but not sure of Williams performance so far.