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  1. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Brad I have the same vibe. I've also thought VicVenom is WebRic as well... but more unhinged with the sole purpose of trolling and antagonising. If it's not the Vettel hate, it's the RBR hate towards Horner and Newey. Or more mud thrown at Ferrari accusing them of cheating. Incredible how when Ferrari improve, they are "cheaters"... yet when Merc win 4 titles in a row it's purely down to the Hamster. These idiots can't comprehend that there has not been a more dominant car in recent times than the Merc in this new turbo era. Ferrari with years of work finally caught up a little, and then had all these extra sensors added to their car. For fairness factor, I'd hope those sensors were also applied to ALL the cars on the grid. Good win by the Kimster. Finally luck was on his side. He's had 30+ podiums in his second stint at Ferrari. Many of those could have been victories like Monaco, but his class and skill shone brightly at COTA. I'm actually looking forward to him being back at Sauber. I think it will be a more relaxed environment and their HQ is only 40mins from where he lives. Perfect. Hopefully Ferrari give them a few good engines for next year, and the Sauber team can do the rest and bring their squad up the grid. Beating Renault and Force India is a realistic target I think now they have Kimi.
  2. 2019 Silly season

    Good to see you're still here too
  3. 2019 Silly season

    Leclerc could be another Massa or Rubens... the hype surrounding him could just be that, hype. He's not ready and he's too young. Ferrari have gone against every decision they have historically made in bringing in a driver who is not yet of full talent or skill. It isn't a test team, it's a team you need to already be at your best. Vettel is top dog at Ferrari. Sad Kimi wasn't retained but also relieved he's still in F1. Sauber is a good option. Hinwil is only 50kms or so from Kimi's house. The one thing that will break my heart is if he does not win a race this year before he leaves. Monza was his to win, shame the tyres and strategy to push and burn his tyres was put into effect.
  4. 2019 Silly season

    Say it aint so... Kimi to leave F1 at years end!? Obviously we all knew he'd stop eventually, but on his terms. This feels wrong. Leclerc is not ready. The stench of Marchionne remains. I don't enjoy that he passed away, but I loathed the guy. He was always the wrong choice to lead Fiat and Ferrari. The new guy I know nothing about, but already feel he's about as solid as Zak Brown. Good times ahead for sure. I would have loved to have seen Kimi race for for RBR and Newey again, but it was never meant to be. I haven't posted here in years and also have not changed my view that once Kimi leaves, I'm done with F1.
  5. Silly Season

    I'm pretty sure the moderates in the McLaren group will rue the day Ron was ousted as it becomes more apparent there is no vision for the future, no leadership or spark that made McLaren. I mean just their center of excellence of whatever their factory is called is still incredible and Ron was behind that. The air for detail and perfection is going to be sorely missed there.
  6. Silly Season

    McLaren are fvcked! The coup to topple Ron will have further consequences. Like him or not, F1 was better with him around. I wish he had swooped in and bought Manor and started a new team. That would have been exciting. But it's also possible he like the Sith, are plotting and waiting for that chance when McLaren do falter, and the Arab contingent then offload their shares.... and in rides Ron to take control again. Why they didn't have a sponsor is beyond me. That is one area Ron needed to loosen up on, and just get some names and sponsors on the car.
  7. Silly Season

    Sainz and Vettel yes, okay lets go for Alonso as well. Won't happen though as Glamilton the Poodle is in charge of the Merc household. Maybe Merc really do care about Pascal and didn't promote him knowing whomever they chose know would not make it into their 2nd year, as it's clear they will bring in someone new in 2018.
  8. Under New Management

    I'm sad to Bernie go. It was past due, but he has done alot of good for the sport. Him going means we'll hopefully see the last of Whiting too. Now that is great news if you ask me. Brawn being in charge is brilliant. Now it all makes sense as to why Ferrari wasn't able to get him... he wasn't available anyway. I hope Brawn course corrects this sport back to something we can actually get excited about. Dump the hybrids, remove the fuel restrictions, allow more design innovation, and let more teams have a go. I have no problem with a team only last 1-2 years in the sport, as if it's easier to join, more will follow. But it's near impossible for teams to get into F1 now it's so difficult, and I don't think it's all to do with sponsorship money. I'm okay with Ferrari losing their $100m special bonus. Give ALL teams money based on how well they place. Not this ridiculous situation where one team gets a big load of money by scoring 1 point, and hte next team after them gets nothing. Oh and remove blue flags. It's time this babies learned to pass the slower cars, as if that's even a hindrance, but it totally ruins the race for the slower teams and I'm sick of the unfairness of it all. That's my biggest wish, for fairness to come back into the sport, and for the brave and innovative to be rewarded.
  9. Who will replace ROSBERG ?

    Massa was not offered a contract for this year. Thus he "retired" in a way that made it look like it was his decision. It wasn't. He didn't have a seat, and thus Williams pretended to go along with the story that it was Massa's decision to retire when it fact they no longer wanted him. The lack of any other options meant Massa accepted his time had ended and thus all the celebrations.
  10. Who will replace ROSBERG ?

    Because at that time, they had Bottas and all of Daddy Stroll's money. There were plenty of other drivers to pick apart from Massa, but he's familiar with the team and thus they don't have to waste time on that. What happens to Rob Smedley now? Massa's gonna need him to tie his shoes! Does anyone honestly feel Bottas would have got the seat if Toto had not been his manager? I don't. Toto's done his job at Bottas' manager, but I feel he's let down Merc in his role by not getting the best driver they could, or thinking of the long term plan. This seat needed to be Pascal's. Lewis I think is going to romp away with the title, thus Pascal could have had a nice low pressure environment to get acclimatized to the team. I too any looking forward to testing, but I think it will be the usual sand bagging ordeal. Merc will claim everyone has caught up and they are working round the clock blah blah. But come the first race, they'll annihilate everyone with their improved pace. At this point I just want Ferrari to be on the improvement, but I feel as long as Sergio is running that team it won't happen. He brings the wrong type of experience and energy to the team.
  11. Who will replace ROSBERG ?

    All about the timing really. Had Max come into the Red Bull seat after Vettel left, he'd have looked average. Pasal deserves the seat more than Bottas. At least with Red Bull and their driver programs, you get a shot. That's the easy part. The hard part is sticking around in the sport. Vettel, Ricci and Max will all be around awhile. But I can't see Kvyat being here in years to come and he'll go on the ever increasing graveyard list of ex Red Bull drivers. The hit to Pascal's confidence will be massive. Rather than let him fly and go for it, they I fear have fed him lies and false promises. If I had a choice though, Sainz would be confirmed as the Merc #2 already.
  12. 2017 Ferrari

    Alonso's a crafty bugger, but one without the luck no matter how much he schemes. He's def looking for another seat somewhere, be it RBR or Merc. As for Vettel he won't leave Ferrari unless Sergio makes that team unbearable. Already he's said he's retiring in 2018, but he looks like the type of Sepp Blatter who then announces for the good of the team in red, he's carrying on as the head honcho. The sooner Ferrari are rid of Sergio, then they can make progress going forward.
  13. Who will replace ROSBERG ?

    I guessed that last year that Massa wasn't retiring, he was "retiring" because he no longer had a seat at Williams.
  14. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    And yet they allow Lewis to continue unchecked in his behaviour. Whoever thought it was a good idea to sell team shares to Lauda and Toto is not very intelligent. They are Lewis' enablers when it comes to his behaviour. Lewis knows either of them are going to put him in check, or call him to task for what he says and does, and thus he's got no boundaries anymore. As long as Toto and Lauda are running Merc, I look forward to the day with great joy of them leaving F1. I have zero respect for either of the 3x Amigos at Merc. Zetsche I thought was a cool guy, but he's allowed all this to happen, whilst being okay with Haug being kicked out.
  15. 2016 Mercedes

    I don't think Nico was that fragile to run away from F1. I think if he wanted to he could have keep racing against Lewis. I don't think it was the winning or losing that affected him, it was the BS that he came to despise. And seeing firsthand, as time went on that Toto and Lauda would claim to be fair and tough, but at the end of the day, let Lewis do and say what he wanted to. That's for me the tipping point that caused Nico to leave. If Brawn was still running the team and Nicos team mate was say maybe Button, he'd keep racing. Because harmony and respect would be present. The Lewis fanatics all claim Nico was scared and ran away. No he simply had had enough of Lewis' BS, drama and dishonesty. And to call it cowardly is astonishing when you realize how much money he walked away from. He could have led a very comfortable life if he wanted to just cash in on the money and be genuinely happy coming in #2 with the occasional win. But he took the brave and amazing option to leave on his own accord due to how he felt. Rather than be criticized, it would have been nice for the rabid Hamilton loonies to actually appreciate someone other than their false idol.