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  1. Schu Reign Is Over - Brundle

    Hi!!!!I'm fine thanks....but a little busy....I can imagine how happy you are now that "nando" has won the title isn't it?
  2. Sato Offered Drive With New F1 Team

    What about Direxiv,the so called McLaren-b team?!?!
  3. Michael Schumacher's decade-long reign at the top of the F1 tree is over, according to former teammate Martin Brundle. The retired Briton and F1 commentator told his column in the 'Sunday Times' newspaper that Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen took over the mantle during 2005. ''At times this year,'' the 46-year-old wrote, ''Schumacher has looked as though the trials and setbacks ... of the season have robbed him of some energy.'' Brundle, Schumacher's teammate at Benetton in 1992, said he stood at a corner during a Brazilian practice session last month and - 'for the first time' didn't see Schumacher's exciting driving style. He added: ''To my surprise he appeared to lack commitment and confidence. It's the first time I can recall him looking ordinary. ''The most extraordinary reign in F1 history is probably over.''
  4. Coca Cola And Williams

    The world's most famous soft-drink company, Coca-Cola, is planning to drive onto the F1 grid. The British 'Daily Telegraph' newspaper even claimed that Coke, like fizzy rival Red Bull, could buy a grand prix team -- but the more likely option is a title sponsorship. F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone 'confirmed' that Coca-Cola had shown some interest in the sport, the newspaper wrote. "F1 has become an exceptional shop window for everybody," the 74-year-old said. The report doubted that Coca-Cola had yet held talks with any team, but an executive 'with links' to the company revealed: "The growing popularity of F1 in several key Asian markets is something that is of interest." Probably at the front of the queue for Coca-Cola's business is Williams, the front line Grove based team that is determined to recover from the recent loss of works BMW power and title sponsor HP
  5. Sato And Albers Most Likely Midland Lineup

    Yes but Sato and Albers are both better than Monteiro and Karthikeyan imo.....So this is a step forward afterall
  6. Sources are indicating that the soon to be renamed Midland equipe are keen on running BAR refugee Takuma Sato alongside Dutchman Cristijan Albers in 2006. The former Jordan team will run Toyota engines again next season, and despite his career-long links with rivals Honda, Sato is said to be a very strong favourite for one seat. Current Minardi pilot Albers has impressed with his pace this season, and would be a worthy asset to the team too. SOURCE UPDATEF1.COM
  7. How Will 2006 Unfold?

    Stop saying Schumacher will win again next year!!!!Alonso and Raikkonen are both better than him!
  8. How Will 2006 Unfold?

    One should be the most accurate possible in making such predictions.... 1)I see that Honda and Toyota are at a very advanced stage with the evolution of their V8,while Renault and Bmw are still behind 2)Bridgestone is improving, even if slowly, and now they have two more teams on board (Toyota and Williams) 3)Michael Schumacher will be 37 by january, and he is already no more as quick as he used to be (Alonso and Kimi are better now) and he is still undecided about his future and will probably retire at the end of next season. 4)McLaren is the strongest team on the technical side now, and is likely to retain its leadership even in the V8 era. So what's going to happen in my opinion? I think next year McLaren will dominate the season and Kimi Raikkonen will finally clinch his title, with a good margin over team mate Montoya. Renault will fall a little backwards, but Fernando will show again his enormous talent before leaving the team for another (McLaren?!?). So behind McLaren I can see Renault,Ferrari,Toyota and Honda quite on the same level, with the two japanese teams (BAR is gonna be bought by Honda in the next months) both very competitive.This means that Jenson Button will probably win his first race and so will Toyota.Bmw will be no more than a good midfield team next year like Red Bull and Williams. Rookie teams Midland (Sato and Monteiro\Albers) and RBR (Liuzzi and Speed\Karthikeyan) will fight it out at the back of the grid. If Rosberg joins Williams,I expect him to surprise many people next year,and the same for Massa at Ferrari while Klien will continue to rise at Red Bull
  9. Who Would Be Williams Best Choice?

    When Fernando came in F.1 with Minardi he was still just 19.....Rosberg will turn 21 by next summer so there is a little difference between him and Alonso....
  10. I've always said that Jenson Button is the fourth strongest driver on the F.1 grid, after the trio of Schumacher,Alonso and Raikkonen....He's made wrong choices during his career,that has been affected by the unspectacular 2001 season at Benetton...BAR is nowhere near McLaren and Renault,and is also weaker than Ferrari at the moment....
  11. Karty To Redbull

    I see nobody knows that Karthikeyan is a Red Bull driver.....he was part of the Red Bull junior project until 2005
  12. Who Would Be Williams Best Choice?

    Hi man!!!!!Thank you very much,I had to do my exams......... Poor me....but now I'm back on the street!!!!!Nice to see you and everybody else!!
  13. Several names have been mentioned regarding Williams secon seat after Jenson confirmed his split with the team...Which is the scenario you would prefer?
  14. Red Bull To Buy Minardi

    Hi to everybody!!!After two months of absence I'm finally back from my holydays...I'm at home and I'm gonna go at the track today and tomorrow to watch the race...I think this is just a way to avoid the rule that allows a single team to run just two car on the grid....In such a way Red Bull would have 4 cars on the grid and it would be the perfect solution to keep all his four drivers (Coulthard,Klien,Liuzzi and Speed) and let them race..It would also give many Red Bull young talented drivers the chance to race in F.1 in the future, for example drivers such as Neel Jani or Colin Fleming would have the chance to be test drivers next year....
  15. Not only has the WilliamsF1 squad lost their cosy engine partnership with BMW where they didn