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  1. Whats This Years Best And Worst Looking F1 Cars - 2007

    Mclaren and Ferrari's are nice striking designs. The Honda is just awful, took me a while to work out it's actually the earth from space. The Renault is ok, but kinda looks thrown together at the last minute.
  2. It's Confirmed

    Good riddance to one of the more ethically disgusting indivuals to grace all we need is Max to retire
  3. JV Talking Too Much And Trying To Show Off

    All these "statements" are being ripped out of the F1 Racing interview, you know that the journalists will try and get something interesting for their magazine. Besides I don't see any way that JV is slamming Kubica. All he is saying is that they guy is a question mark. He is very young, inexperienced so no one will really know with confidence that he is a good racer. Sudarshan, you couldn't try to kiss Michaels a## more than you do. Congratulations I do not doubt that MS is a fantastic driver and team builder, but he has brought disrepute into F1. I mean blatanly "parking" at Monaco, and the other various incidents should indicate to people the kind of man he is. He cares nothing for the sport, or anyone else. All he cares about is winning at all costs, even if it resorts to cheating. In regards to JV saying he knows how to win races, ALL drivers say it when they are looking for a job. even Jenson is gonna say when he's looking for his next ride The reason a lot us JV fans support the guy, is because he is honest, has integrity and will say it like it is. Sometimes he can be a bit blunt, but we love him all the more for it.
  4. What's The Fastest You've Ever Driven?

    245kmh on my modified Honda CBR600RR down the straight of Eastern Creek Raceway, in Sydney.
  5. Whats Next For JV. . .

    Yes I hope the same. F1 is so screwed right now. Drivers like Villeneuve are out and Fisichella has a top driver
  6. BMW Part Company With Villeneuve - Official

    Well all any person can really do is not buy BMW. I was going to buy a new BMW, I even placed the deposit and the order. I have now cancelled that order. I may only be one lost customer to BMW, but I assure you I am not the only one... I think Audi could do with my money instead.
  7. BMW Part Company With Villeneuve - Official

    Jacques was asking BMW what were the chances of a drive next year. They kept saying "Oh we will tell you end of the season". Or course Jacques was getting very annoyed that he was not getting a straight answer. This all culminated at the end of the German GP where there were some heated discussions, MT was apparantly just waiting for a chance to try out Kubica, and Jacques "Injury" was the perfect excuse. Jacques didn't like it and told MT to go **** himself and thus we had the "Mutual Agreement".
  8. BMW Part Company With Villeneuve - Official

    BMW can go ****ing rot... Hope they fail miserably! I'm done with F1 and all it's bulls##t. Unless JV does have a ride of course....
  9. Kubica Gets A Chance

    I agree with you there YHR. But Cav, there are a lot of drivers, like JV that invoke a lot of passion in fans. To the dedicated JV fans, F1 is JV! Without him there is no real reason they have to watch the sport. I only started watching F1 seriously when JV made his appearance (I had followed his career, and had only occasionally watched an F1 race). I am unfortunately too young to have watched greats like Gilles, Senna and Prost when I developed an interest in Motorsport, so JV introduced a passion for Formula 1 in me. So if he leaves, there goes the passion for me as well.
  10. Kubica Gets A Chance

    Thats a slightly offensive attitude there Cav. So your the "right kind of fan" right? Everyone should think like you think and praise who you praise? It's no secret that you dislike JV, but to call people "losers" who have a different reason for watching F1 than you do is wrong. If someone only watches F1 to see JV race then they have every right to do so.
  11. Kubica Gets A Chance

    The english translation of what Theissen said is wrong. German Theissen quote: "Damit ist weder eine Entscheidung f
  12. F1 On Xbox

    You won't find any official F1 game on the Xbox. Sony holds the exclusive license and F1 will only be on a Sony System.
  13. Bizarre BMW Wing

    Yeah, but remember F1 suffers from the Red Queen syndrome. You have to run as fast as you can just to stay where you are.
  14. FIFA World Cup 2006

    Germany's going to win it now. It's pretty much certain.
  15. Australia In The World Cup

    It's Good!!!! If any of you guys live in perth, come to my place to watch the italy game!