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  1. i am indian. i feel hamilton is good for f1. alonso ,schumacher were all good at being bad when it mattered. the team was at fault for holding up hamilton.but i think he has risen faster than anybody in f1 till now. after getting two three podiums he raised his level to win in his first year. we can take some credit away from him if he is using alonso's set up. but other than that how can you simply say bad things about him. he is the next schumaher. mika ,Schumacher all have messed up in the course of a championship year, but this guy never messes up, which is the sign of true greatness and holding up against everysingle driver on the grid for lap fter lap, race after race
  2. Clean Or N-rain

    Narain is faster than klien,no doubt but klien may have more sponsership.i feel klien was always overrated and narain underrated. it happens when you come from a country having no decent single seater races. Anyway narain has proven himself more than klien and klien was actually dropped due to non performance but narain could not find the required sposership for the next ear. But the fact remains that the spyker is no good and they have not improved the car even as much as alex shnaider could comparitively. At least we can see some sparkling qualifying performances from narain if he gets the drive,even though he has a lot to improve in the races.
  3. Williams Retain Karthikeyan

    i have followed f1 since 1992 mock, go figure!!. maybe not on this forum. and for the profitability, even minardi was profitable!!
  4. Williams Retain Karthikeyan

    i think everyone is wasting their time bashing karthikeyan.he has really hung in there.i don't rate the williams team highly, because even with two top rate drivers(ralf and montoya), the team could not win the world championship. you guys are saying williams won't give him that and this, but is williams really a top team at the moment? i don't think so, aerodynamically they are nowhere, even the engine deals are bad. it is not the same team that won so many races. it needs karthikeyan's money.see the tata logo on the nose cone?must have brought in 10 million!!
  5. Williams Retain Karthikeyan

    you have given your perspective of things, but i think karthikeyan is good.actually he made only few mistakes for the kind of driving he was doing.he was flat out every single lap and montiero fininshed ahead of him only because karthikeyan made mistakes, he was not pushing hard enough. Anyway as far as patriotism goes and supporting stupid drivers ,what about people on this forum supporting jenson button as if he was the greatest driver in the world and the pathetic way in which jaques villeneuve had to market himself when he had already clearly lost his form .just like mike tyson past his prime? i mean if you you want to discauss karthikeyan's car control i think it is not bad,and anyone who has ever been in f1 pay drive or not always has great car control .if you watch alex yoong even he had car control. fisichella is driving poorly.david coulthard is very brave for overtaking manouvers but he is not fast.klien is already out.doornbos is average and, albers has not really blown off montiero . so many current drivers are there because of some reason or the other and most of it is not related to driving ability alone.i suspect the main criteria to be in formula 1 is sponsership and not just driving skills.otherwise many drivers past and present would not be there. why blame karhthikeyan?
  6. yeah true, but the move on webber was truly great and i hope he spoils kimi's party big time
  7. pdr proved himself last year by standing in for montoya and he will do good this year too
  8. Karthikeyan Versus Monteiro

    i didn't say that jv is not a proven race winner ,but i said that webber wasn't and neither is massa, ,heidfeld is struggling and i never considered him a great driver.webber used to bad mouth his fellow drivers a lot and till now has not done anything great with the williams.
  9. Karthikeyan Versus Monteiro

    Actually, i think narain should be in the other williams race seat ,because rosberg is nowhere after starting very good in the williams,or narain should be in a ferrari next to schumacher, can you tell me a single race where massa has shown equal pace to micheal in the qualifying or race.even webber is not pushing enough.he is not a proven race winner,even though he is fast.actually these are the guys including singer villeneuve and heidfeld too who have to be kicked out of f1.
  10. Karthikeyan Versus Monteiro

    yeah but no points for the midland,while narain develops a better car
  11. this is a good topic, i also agree that the rule is quite stupid, when the FIA and Mosley know that the engines are subject to such a high level of stress.But i think the engines are letting go much lesser than last year because the v8's are prone to lesser vibration still when they milk the engine and reduce weights of the pistons and use all sorts of things in the fuel to get two tenths this rule is certainly stupid, formula one is about racing,but the racing is now between the engines and the tyres and not between great has become some sort of endurance race rather than pure speed. we see drivers talking about conserving their tyres not flat spotting them and all those things .
  12. Karthikeyan Versus Monteiro

    Dear forum members, I would like to say that tiago montiero is driving better than karthikeyan at the moment because he is certainly more composed of the two drivers but narain is more exciting to watch .Montiero also seems to have the ability to float the car and bring in the car home just like another floater ;ralf(without overtaking and taking risks). In that way even albers is falling behind,right through last year, albers was improving and now has started becoming preccocious with audacious moves ,while montiero rarely makes mistakes. Someone said that montiero looks better than kathikeyan which i dont agree,because montiero has a scraggy looking french beard,and the same guy also commmented on karthikeyan being arrogant,He had some problems with colles and kolles is not really a very friendly guy around the paddock.There was some seroius ego problems between them but that is none of our business. Being an indian i support kathikeyan, I also think that the 30 million tag is bulls##t,indian companies have not grown that big ,that is why he did'nt get the drive this year,only on sponsership issues
  13. Karthikeyan Versus Monteiro

    guys, i totally agree that karthikeyan was outclassed by montiro last year and this year also, tiago is again shining against albers who is not doing a very good job.montiero has the ability to drive a composed race but his speed is not upto karthikeyan,but montiro has a solid backing from his sponsers and narain is not in a race position only because he does not have the required sponsership, Anyway what did klien prove after being in midfiled teams for three years? What is fisichella doing with the same equipment as alonso? Where is jenson button after paying off his own 30 million to get a honda drive? Where is trulli now after demolishing ralf in 2005? what is happening to montoya? I think in todays f1 a lot of guys are struggling after being there for years,and should be kicked out especially fisichella,coulthard,and klien,i feel they could have done more with the equipment they had,i always knew alex yoong was a great driver but everybody spoke against him, experience has allowed him to shine in a1,sameway karthikeyan will aso come up.and not in a1 but in f1!!
  14. Monteiro Better Than Karthikeyan - Mf1

    i am an indian and a narian fan but i have been following f1 since a long time,anyway senna has been constantly slapping down narain; but i also feel that last year montiero was better than karthikeyan and fully deserves his place on the grid this year.but things could change for narain in the next three years and he could get back enough sponsers and come back, he is faster than tiago but does not know how to pace a race but so many things about midland was just so bad last year .