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  1. Frank Williams, Is He An Idiot Or What?

    Yeah, a guy who is basically one of the few pure genuises F1 has is a idiot. I think a guy who has been here for so many time deserves a bit more respect than be called a "idiot", but hey, that
  2. Williams Suspended From Fota

    10 coupons for a free Happy Meal on every Mcdonalds 2% discount in every photocopy store in the world (if you copy complete blueprints of other team you get a 3% discount) 1% discount in every oil company (if you own a F1 it will be 1.5%) Etc. Etc. Etc. It
  3. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    Last year Williams were more competitive as the season unfolded, offcourse we dont have the same money as work teams, but RBS, Lenovo and AT&T aren
  4. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    Do you really think that Frank and Patrick are that stupid?
  5. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    Boudica, what
  6. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    Good time by Naka! Is Williams for real...?
  7. Wurz To Stop Racing...

    For me, as a Williams fan, i expect it to be Nakajima, there
  8. Williams Eyes Bahrain Top Ten - Wurz

    Right now, and we all know things change in a blink of a eye in F1, i think Williams is side by side with Renault, Fisico was better in the 1st race, but if it wasn
  9. Williams Eyes Bahrain Top Ten - Wurz

    The gearbox thing was a unrelated failure in all winter testing and Malaysia testing earlier that week, things like that happen, the hydro failure is worrying me the most, and it was a engine related problem, a water leak lead to the DNF. It
  10. Malaysia Testing!

    Wurz Williams-Toyota ( B ) That
  11. Things Look Tough For Williams Says Webber

    Didnt Williams released him earlier too? Btw, i love the way you
  12. Things Look Tough For Williams Says Webber

    Kay_Zee, he is being constructive?!?!? The guy says Williams is Toyota B team! is this being constructive...however he continues to be dumb, he says the guys from Japan prefers the "mother" team, however, he doesnt know (or doesnt want to) that there is currently a "fight" among Toyota, Williams engines are being built at Japan where the Toyota ones are being built at Cologne, this was a way that both teams "discovered" to give a challenge to everyone.
  13. Things Look Tough For Williams Says Webber

    I wasnt giving any credit to Webber, cause i know how the guy is, but he keeps saying "enough of talking about Williams", but then, he always comes back to the subject even if Williams as a team never replied. P.S. Didnt he hit out at Jaguar after the got out? Didnt he made just the same to Klien? You can like the guy, but this kind of opinion is not from a classy guy who knows how to behave properly.
  14. Things Look Tough For Williams Says Webber

    If only Webber
  15. 2007 Season Predictions

    I dont pretend to change your opinion, i