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  1. They are chasing the money and social media approval. It's hurt the sport.
  2. It's F1 not a reality TV show. Hamilton, Ricciardo and others should stick to posting on Instagram. Leave F1 to real drivers like Seb.
  3. Seb will never speak up. He has too much class. We all know the truth.
  4. F1 and its fans need to stop being as influenced by the British Press. We all know why they hate Vettel. It's because he's German. We all know why they love Hamilton. It's because he's British. And they should stop fluffing Hamilton, Ricciardo and other's pillows just because they attract attention on social media. This is meant to be a sport. Not a reality TV show. I prefer how Seb handles himself. Dignified and reserved.
  5. Remember the early 2000s? The best driver was winning all the titles The cars looked and sounded better. The French, Germans, and Italians were fairly represented and the sport was influenced less by British and American interests. It was a sport back then. Now it's just a show. Sad times.
  6. Vettel was sabotaged by his team in 2020. There is no other explanation. If the cars were even Vettel would win almost every race! I blame British and American culture for it. Their hatred of Germans is well known and the sport is now far too Anglo-Saxon minded.
  7. Why are the British press reporting on Sainz and Ricciardo. We want to hear about Seb.
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