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  1. The media keep hyping up Russell even though he can't even score a point in that Williams. Now they hype up Norris who was outscored by a mid field driver two season in a row. What about Mick? He is having a great rookie year and is already in the top 10 drivers on the grid. If he was British or Australian the media would be calling him a future champion.
  2. Why always English driver? Why not German?
  3. This team needs to shape up. They have just signed a 4x World Champion and the best driver of his era. For the love of god give the man the tools he needs. He is your only hope of winning races and cups.
  4. Seb will never speak up. He has too much class. We all know the truth.
  5. Vettel was sabotaged by his team in 2020. There is no other explanation. If the cars were even Vettel would win almost every race! I blame British and American culture for it. Their hatred of Germans is well known and the sport is now far too Anglo-Saxon minded.
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