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  1. Boring-Gate

    Not to add necessarily (electronics), but the abandon of the KERS system also reduces the passing at start,... and during the race, some were getting the extra little push with it. It was giving us more passing.
  2. Boring-Gate

    Indeed. Add to this - The 8 engines rule prior to a 10 place penality - The new points counting, might give us a championship winner very early in the season.
  3. Boring-Gate

    How to watch an F1 race today. 1. Open your TV one minute before the start 2. Watch the start and the first lap 3. Close your TV and go have brunch with your better half 4. Come back from Brunch for the last 5 laps. There you go, you hardly will have miss something and your wife will be happy. I have a hard time in believing that you must add a second pit stop to make things more exciting. Why not a draw to stop the race in the middle and re-start it again? As ridiculous at it seems it would be more exciting. Or bring the Safety car once at a random time in the race...This little left of strategy has been removed with the non-refuling rule. I feel the FIA doesn't know how to manage this sport. It really does not look professional at all, seems like they are a bunch of old farts getting around a table improvising rules and making stupid verdics. ,... Don't get me wrong, I'll still watch F1 hoping something will happen, it's like drugs you hope for more!
  4. Boring-Gate

    I used to love F1 now I feel that it's as boring as Golf ! Damn all those millions up in the air.
  5. Teams & Drivers 2010

    > Is he bringing that orange bag of twat Craig Pollock with him Nope Pollock is out! JV is now managed by Barry Green (IndyCar ex-Green Racing)
  6. Felipe 1 Fernando 0

    Sorry you don't know how to count. Felipe 0 (world championship) Fernando 2 (world championships)
  7. Bye-Bye Flavio...

    Too bad that those two clowns tactics might cost the jobs of many innocents devoted workers at Renault.... lets see...
  8. Jv Return

    Go get a coffee, it helps. 2003 was a miserable year in all around, JV had more DNF than Button and Devil Richards was around not supporting him at all. As for the Renault comeback, only 3 races in a year is not enought after a sabbatical to get back in pace with Alonso, which is probably the best driver in the current field. He certainly did not as worst as a certain Piquet. Let's see how Alguersuari does sitting in the middle of the season, the kid has some preasure but expectation are not as high, when you've been WC in the past it's different. BTW watch your mirrors, JV will pass you on the outside
  9. Jv Return

    Hey Guys, you do not have great memories.... Where was Hamilton last year? Look where he is this year,...looks a lot like our JV, the car is so important these days....Lucky Schum always had a good one. I still beleive that JV could help a starting team and would then deserve to be there and least he's not as boooorring as soooo many drivers currently lined up.
  10. Massa Wdc For 2008

    I don't know about Massa's winning the WDC, I doubt, one thing is sure his drive in Silverstone was one of the worst ones I've seen by an F-1 driver in a long time, if ever,... My grand mother is pretty good under the rain and I'm pretty sure she would have beaten him rock !
  11. Bmw And Williams Under Investigation

    Completly stupid, the FIA is Pro English and only wants Hamilkid to win, if they disqualify both teams it's the end of F1 for me,....Even waiting for the judgement is completely insaine. Adios.
  12. Lewis Hamilton - 2007 Wdc

    I the end the best driver won, and he's the real ICE MAN ! Funny that hamilkid was pretending to be as cool as ICY KIMI, well no way, he lost his temper in the last two races and proved he was a kid. Bravo ICE MAN you're the true WDC the rock !
  13. Alonso The Great.

    Lets make this clear. - First year in this new car, against a rookie that has all the team behind him, with a team build for him, now Alonso is only 2 points behind. - The harder is yet to come since we already see that there will be very little testing ahead for Alonso, the team says yes you can test, but do you want to go to work when all your bosses hate you?!? Don't expect much testing from now on. - The boss hates you because you told of the truth! Well, well, I'm now very curious to know the real truth, we all know that R.Dennis is hiding key secrets and that he's a cheater. - About Hamilkid, we now see that the little boy is starting to panic and is very nervous. If Alonso wins this title, he will certainly be deserving it and will probably have worked twice as much as Hamilkid for it!! !!Go Alonso Go!!
  14. Monaco Qualifying

    It's a desolation to see a World Champion like Shu behaving like that. How many times have we seen him cheat, he should start from the back of the grid.
  15. Fisico Super Queen Gets His Own Way

    We all know Fisi will be working in a pizzeria next year. Expect some cold pizza at delivery,...He's so slow. He lost it, I wonder if he ever had it anyway.