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  1. Current Driver Market

    I personally think Alonso should stay with Renault since he is having so much luck. Kimi's ride is up in the air, cuz i think he can do better than what he currently is doing at McLaren
  2. Canada - Qualifying

    Alonso and Fisichella very impressive, which was predicted on forumula1.com's website Kimi. i also must add, was very good today too, hopefully he can do well in tom's race
  3. Massa Beats Schumacher

    Godo job Felipe, that was a good race for him and especially good to beat his teammate
  4. Speed Impresses On Debut

    Speed did well, it should be a good year for him if he stays on that pace
  5. Another "Lucky" Win For Alonso!

    I heard and now readin that it was a great race, but i couldnt watch it due to havin to work at my school's annual road race on St. Pats day, cant wait till the replay comes on
  6. PPP Comp

    Well i got it now, sat mornin my time after quali, and i had picked the rite 1st and second place, and was off by two spots for jpm, oh well, the champ will be here now, and will do his best to regain his championship. good luck to all
  7. PPP Comp

    It kept saying wrong confirmation code, and i know i was putting it in rite. this is messed up
  8. PPP Comp

    Well i have tried the past two days to try and register and it still wont work, im sure admin can put my picks in pole:alonso 1st.alonso: 2nd:schumi, 3rd-jpm FL-Alonso
  9. well hopefully they can get there act together
  10. Alonso Delighted Ferrari Wasted Time On Rossi

    I think Alonso should worry bout himself at this point, reignin champs have enough pressure on them to perform good the following year
  11. German GP In Jeopardy

    I think it would be boring without chicanes
  12. F1weekly.com Answered My Email!

    good for you AR5
  13. Jv Flies In Spain !

    JV's quick, hopefully it will last until the season
  14. Mercedes Engine Commemoration Thread

    hopefully they can get better realibility on this car, cuz it will most likely be very quick
  15. Belgian Grand Prix 'cancelled'

    if they take any track off it better be the snorgaronring