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  1. Anyone Going To A Gp This Year?

    Going to Melbourne. Been to all the melbourne gps except 96 -death in the family. Every year I say I am going to get a grandstand seat and I can never afford it , so another year on the hill
  2. Best Qualifying Lap Ever

    Villeneuve 97 at Melbourne. 1.7secs faster than frentzen in second and 2.2 ahead of schum. I was on Brockies hill and he was visably faster than the field. Gap would have been bigger if he repeated is earlier practice time where he was about 2.3 ahead of HHF. Awesome
  3. Mixed Emotions For Australians This Weekend

    Yes, Last week was an example, we got the Chinese Gp on at 11pm when it could have been live at 4pm. I was happy when chanel 10 got the coverage, but it is no better than when chanel 9 had it. Bathurst is great!
  4. Season 3 F1, Not Crappy Cart

    I am in. Hoping for a better performance this season. Got myself a better drive hopefully (McLaren)
  5. Wurz In The Hot Seat!

    What is frank doing? He could have waited longer and if he missed out on Webber then he could of gotten JV for a steal. JV had driven quite well and is either even with or one up with heidfeld with qualifying. So surely he would have been a better option than Wurz. Wurz got blown away in the bennetton
  6. Batracer Season 2

    Doesnt matter that i have cool tools coz i keep on bloody crashing. Toyota and Freer are at odds already. I think they want to sack me
  7. Batracer Season 2

    Toyota have had a slow start to the year. I keep crashing in practice.
  8. Batracer F1 Game

    I have deleted the total 2 game as not enough interest. Didnt see the point of doing season with only 12 drivers.
  9. Batracer F1 Game

    Great stuff 12 filled, 10 to go
  10. Batracer F1 Game

    We only have 11 drivers for total2. if we cant fill up the grid then I will cancel the game in 2 days
  11. Batracer F1 Game

    Got 10 drivers, getting closer. Going away for a few days and will start the game tuesday - OZ time
  12. Batracer F1 Game

    Now we are starting to get somewhere. 8 spots are taken....
  13. Fisichella Stays With Renault

    I am shocked, I really thought they would have gotten rid of him.
  14. Batracer F1 Game

    If the total2 game doesnt get some more teams happening in the next few days then we will have to cancel it
  15. Batracer F1 Game

    Ok, Plenty of good drives left. Lets hope it fills fast
  16. Channel Ten

    yes it was good. Even though I knew the result it was good to see the action.
  17. Batracer F1 Game

    I have just Started a new game for all those who missed out on the first totalf1 game (and those that want to run two series - if possible) Here is the link it is called total2 and that is the password
  18. Channel Ten

    Chanel 10 have always annoyed me that they start so late (after advertised time). I think having the Aussie muppett commentators instead of 90 minutes of button c#%p that comes out of itv commentators. Races are becoming more boring each week
  19. Thoughts On This Years F1

    The first 3 races were great and the last two have been crap. Really need another team to step up to Renault and ferrari. I think that Alonso will win title but if ferrari keep the resergance it will be close. I would like to see webber have a bit of luck. Look at rosberg last race, well webber was ahead of him on the same strategy so he would have been in the points. He has been driving well. I want to see JV sign a contract somewhere soon so we fans know we will at least one more year.
  20. JV's Future At BMW

    JV was ahead of NH in the first race till his engine blew. I would say it is 3-2 in favour of JV
  21. JV's Future At BMW

    JV is performing better, but it does annoy me at the lack of praise he gets after a good race. I am sure if the roles were reversed that BMW would be making a huge fuss about how good NH is going. I still think on previous comments by mario that if JV has one or two bad ones towards the end of the year that they will throw Kubcia in
  22. RB Tops Button For The First Time

    They looked like potential race winners at the start of the year, but are losing ground On to RB. I think that everyone was getting a little excited after his qualifying. He was getting well and truly beaten by JB when his car packed it in and it is a track that jenson said he was struggling on. Just throw ant in for one race to give us a comparison.
  23. Listen To Quali Live!

    I dont think that GF will end the season with a race seat. I think the fin will be in there if this keeps up. Lets hope that it is a more interesting race than Imola Oh go JV
  24. Ted's Imola Notebook---JV

    I agree, I was just responding to Jemstride who brought up Wurz instead of Kubica. Time for bed
  25. Honda: 'Rubens Is One Of The Best'

    Good Point I think Gil and Honda are saying the nice stuff about RB just to justify there decision to hire him. Bring on Davidson or even bring back Sato.