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  1. Dod Turkey

    I dont understand how Webber is considered driver off the day when he was involved with a crash with his team mate? He was under pressure all race and got involved in a silly accident with his team mate. He should of given up the place, I mean Vettel was basically past him but put himself in a bad position and it was an accident waiting to happen. My vote goes to Hamilton, no crashes, no mistakes, was glued to the Red Bulls all day which had the faster car even when Mclaren pit stop strategy made no sense? Yes he was gifted the win but due to poor driving from Red Bull drivers. I mean their both just throwing away the championship, their not winning when they should be and by 3/4 of the season gone, things will be much tighter performance wise from Mclaren Mercedes Red Bull and Ferrari. If Hamilton and Button can fight for positions without crashing into eachother why cant Webber and Vettel do it? Thats why Button and Hamilton are world champions and why Vettel and Webber arent I suppose?
  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

    I'd like to point out I am not a Schumacher fan so no biased towards him. "Race stewards ruled that Schumacher breached safety rules, but Mercedes have announced that they will appeal." BBC Sport. This could mean that the FIA are punishing Schumi for the pass but with a different reason than the ones discussed here? Its clear Ross Brawn knew the rules well enough to advise the move and Schumi took advantage brilliantly. Even Martin Brundle said on BBC commentary when Webber passed the Red Bull mechanics celebrating before the Racasse "its not over yet guys, they are still racing after the safety car line." (something along those lines). Meaning to everyones understanding at the time, the race wasnt finishing under the safety car as from the safety car line to the finish line was green flags and not under safety car conditions! If the race were to finish under the safety car, yes the SC would pull into the pits but the SC boards and track status would be yellow flags and essentially from the safety car line to the finish would be under the safety car too. Yes there arent many points up for grabs so maybe this isnt worth fighting, but it really is. The FIA have c*cked up and to penalise a driver for passing someone under green flag doesnt make sense and scandalous. The irony is the FIA are trying to get more overtaking into F1 with rule changes and what have you, but then they penalise a driver for passing a car legally? F*cks me off and just shows me and the world this sport has lost nearly all its credibility. F1 is now* a joke of a sport, and I have been following F1 since I was 8. *edited as i missed out the word now in he last line.
  3. Dod Melbourne

    Exactly my thoughts, I think throughout Hamiltons F1 career its pretty clear he relies too much on the teams judgement rather than his own. Now great world champions make the right decisions and know when to do so. I mean there have been many a time when Lewis has made the wrong choice by listening to his team rathering than doing what he thinks is right. Austrailia last year for example (liegate), China 2007, Monza 2008 etc. This is something Lewis has to learn because if he wants to be the number one driver and lead the team, he needs to lead the team rather than the team leads him. The Driver is driving the car not the strategist sitting in the garage. In short, Lewis needs to grow some balls and say no to his team.
  4. Boring-Gate

    I think F1 is slowly becoming a sport where there are way too many rules and regs that I cant even understand what is going on anymore. Now the drivers are getting bored letter known us fans! I think the only way the FIA can make these new regs work is make bridgestone bring in 3 entirely different compounds each race. One super soft, one medium and one super hard. This is when people at the back can start rolling the dice and gambling on super softs. Qualyfing will be the same but scrap the rules about using the same tires you use in qualy for the race. Super softs, light fuel and no limit to revs! Race have 3 sets of compounds that can be used, once one is picked you cannot use any other compound. Back runners will gamble on the super softs making the extra stops. Front runners will probably stick to mediums and coasting along. But the ones gambling on super softs or super hards, if they can make it work, by the end they could pull off the strategy and push the front runners. Or you never know, Schumacher was always good at winning races even if he had to make that one extra stop, so some of the front runners may take the gamble. I mean it wouldnt force teams to redesign cars and shouldnt affect running cost that much. Just Bridgestone will have to provide more tyres. Problem solved! The races should be more hectic, more entertaining, yet still have a strategic element to them.
  5. A Tale Of Two Races

    God, the FIA have actually killed a potentially classic season with pointless rule changes. Looks like we're going to see first lap action then cruise to the finish racing another 18 times this season. Rubbish!
  6. ...my love for Formula 1 has reignited and my passion for the sport is stronger than ever. I don't like the rule changes, I dislike the man, thought his tactics to win were dirty and hated the way he won several championships in result of a superior car. But for some reason, I'm so glad he's back and just the prospect of Michael, Lewis, Jenson, Fernando, Felipe, and possibly Vettel in competitive cars fighting for the championship has put my excitement through the roof! So just wondering if anyone felt the same? If the return of Michael has reignited their passion for the sport? For some reason 2009 was a bit of a bore for me, yes Brawn GP was a great story but, not having a Ferrari or a Mclaren regularly at the front just didn't feel right. It just wasn't the same. But 2010 is looking like its going to be one of those unforgettable seasons! Also Kobayashi is driving for Sauber! What more do i want! Won't any one find it weird and slightly nostalgic that the Schumacher name and Senna name is back in F1 again...?
  7. Suzuka Qualy & Race

    Button is getting way too complacent. "I'm not worrying about Vettel". I know he has such a slim chance to win the title but the next 3 races are looking to be all Red Bull tracks (cept Abu Dahbi anything can happen there). Vettel on pole and looking good for the win. Button down in 12th, Can easily have a shunt in the pack there and Barichello ahead with a heavier fuel load. I think Button needs to start worrying and put in a good performance, most drivers would of wrapped up the championship by now but Button seems adamant that he wants to throw it away. This race and Interlargos is going to be the two most important races in Buttons career.
  8. Singa****ingpore

    Woah... your going a bit far there. Fisi has never in his life driven a Ferrari and hasnt tested the car and all the time we've seen him drive the car is all the time he's got. Thats why I kinda disagree with the testing ban rule. Badoer though has been testing for Ferrari for 10 years...so I guess he has some experience driving Ferrari's. I mean he even contributed to the design of this car! So to compare Badoer and Fisi is slightly unfair.
  9. Is It Final Then..?

    Thank you Wes! I come on here rarely but enjoy posting the odd essay every now and then. Alonso and Vettel in one team would be my dream team (2 favourite drivers)! But I think pairing them may be similar to the whole Alonso Hamilton Mclaren saga. Vettel has the potential to be a strong championship contender (he still is in the hunt now, but he has next to no chance) so if the scenario of Alonso having to play second fiddle to Vettel some point in the season arose, I dont think that would go down well with Mr eye brows at all. Massa and Alonso to me is a perfect pairing, both fast and consistant; Massa aswell hasn't got an ego as big as Alonso's so its possible they could get on. Kimi and Lewis is also a great pairing, but I would of thought Kubica could of easily paired up with Lewis nicely. Heikki and Barichello though I feel are in trouble. Everyone wants Rosberg not Heikki and Barichello is too old for many teams, This could be their last season?
  10. Is It Final Then..?

    really!? honestly!? I'm a huge Vettel fan and believe he will be a world champion in a couple of seasons if he gets given a consistantly quick car and if he irons out all the small rookie-like mistakes. But to sign him over Alonso would be a crazy decision! Yes he may be nothing but trouble, yes he may sulk like a baby sometimes when things dont go his way and he may have unusually big eye brows. But were talking about Fernando Alonso here, the man who ended Schumachers reign, a two time world champion, many regarded (including me) as the best all round driver on the grid today and the man whos won in a Renault that shouldnt be winning races (ok maybe he actually shouldnt of won singapore but Fuji). The last non-Ferrari driver to win the WDC since Mika, I think Ferrari would want to replace a Champion with a double Champion, makes perfect sense. Throw out all the excuses and stop looking at all the negatives. Get the two best drivers you can in your cars period. Typical Ferrari, and I love it. They proved it by signing Kimi, he won the championship even though he treated the media like sh!t and was less involved than Schumi, but who cares if he brings the car home in first and wins you the championship? If Kimi does go Mclaren. How Brilliant would it be for Kimi, Lewis, Alonso and Felipe to be fighting it out at the front. Can not wait! Brawns driver line up of Button and Rosberg/Barichello is starting to look much weaker compared to Ferraris and Mclarens. Dont you think Kubica would suit Brawn overalls?
  11. Mclaren May Scrap The 2009 Development.

    I agree. We've had 2 fantastic seasons in a row now and since they changed the rules I've just slowly lost interest in the races now. I swear Red Bull are the only team that haven't given up chasing the Brawns... Also weren't the new rules meant to promote overtaking? I've seen no more overtaking this year compared to the past few seasons! F1 is turning into a joke.
  12. Jenson Buttmacher

    I was going to point that out too. My beloved Jacques Villenueve won the championship that year
  13. Jenson Buttmacher

    One thing i'm worried about is the fact that how long can this run continue on for? Surely something will change? If Button can keep this up until the end of the season then i'll consider him one of the best. But has he really been under any serious pressure this season? We'll see i guess but Ferrari are catching, and their catching quickly.
  14. Jenson Buttmacher

    Well theres nothing wrong with giving praise when its due. I must admit I never rated Button that highly... but theres nothing wrong in getting proved wrong either. He has impressed me this season, yes he's had a very good car but, he's been driving excellently especially having so many season at the back of the field and not knowing whether he'd even be racing this year a few months ago. I'll give credit where credit is due. But i still want Vettel to win the championship Though the boy needs to improve his race craft and iron out those mistakes.
  15. The Contenders This Weekend?

    Oh yeah Piquet... I forgot he was still in F1, hasn't he been sacked yet? How many chances is he going to get!?