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  1. The toyata looks good and really fast. nice and slick every aerospace engineer will be proud of it
  2. This is probably the most stressful year Ive had as a f1 fan probly because Im a Macca fan. I really think I will cut F1 down next year. Its pointless going to work sad because of a spy saga that has nothing to do with me. or Lewis being investigated and Alonso well! The fact is F1 is rulled by money makers. Them briatore and stones who dont care about the sport but their pocket. I think after this year, its only good for my health to cut it down. I bid u all fare well
  3. I've studyied the video a few time. Hami clearly veered to the right and braked harshly. fine. Alonso so confirmed that he overtook hami a couple of times. The question to ask now is why didnt webber do the same in that instance. U can overtake as long as u give the position back before the start finish line. Also if vettel was concentrating, all this wouldnt have happened.
  4. They say when a child does something wrong, we correct them. Alonso has appologised and I think he deserves to be forgiven. Hami and Nando must have exchanged some nasty words when the pair met in Japan to discuss the incidence in belgium which i believe led to hami's out burst. The two of then have been the best pair in F1 for decades in terms of speed and consistency. Think back to 2005 when Macca had the best car. Montoya and Kimi were superfast but prone to silly mistakes costing Macca atleast the Constructors Crown Regarding 2008, I think Nando will remain at Mclaren and hopefully with the MP4-23 as quick and reliable as the 22, He'll make up for this short comings and give mclaren that constructors crown. He'll improve next year but Hami will as well so Lets all wait and see.
  5. FIA are bloody cowards. I was hoping for a total ban. both team and drivers then we'll see what will happen to F1. If the evidence was solely based on the drivers emails (as comfirmed by Ron), why not disqualify the drivers as well. Disqualify the whole team. They cannot. F1 needs Mclaren. even when we are not winning people still love us. and for ferrari, weve beaten you on the track with your own work in your backyard so go ahead and win the championship but we all know who the real champion is.
  6. Geez man u need some soul searching. infact u need to see a psychiatrist. This is not the right forum for you. this has nothing to do with the queen. Maybe u not getting enough coverage there. Come up with some solid, argumentative. step up man and stop being a little beeatch. Bitch
  7. Absolutely no doubt. Schumacher was not always the best of guys, but its his wins pole positions fastest laps etc peeps are going to remember
  8. The Truth of the matter is that if i was in Hamilton's position (leading the world championship by 2 points and knowing my team mate has the extra lap) i'd have done the same thing. (this is the world championship we are talking about here not just securing points). Only a blatant fool will believe Alonso didnt prvent Hami from having that last lap and this Cost Mclaren 15 points. When people say '2 wrongs dont make a right', there no better example than this one. Hami did the wrong thing fine, but its Nando's retaliation that has caused all these mess. If He wants to go, I'm sure Mclaren are in good capable hands of Lewis
  9. Lewis could and should have won it. He was on a single stop strategy and a stop is worth 25secs. If Raikkonen can come from 16th, Hamilton can easily beat alonso on single stop. Kubica passed heid as well.
  10. intresting times, i hope this signals a change of fortune for the Mercedes team. A little observation, Kimi's car looks different to Montoya's. Front wings are completely different. might be why monty is mounting Kimi
  11. Maybe schumi was taking a quick nap. afterall hes one of the oldest arround
  12. everyone down to Alonso and Ralph are atlest three stopping. No way Renault are that slow. Absolutely no way
  13. I probably prefer team as they never change. But Drivers do
  14. I'd like to consider myself more of a Team supporter rather than a driver supporter. I Like Raikkonen but once he leaves Mclaren my support for him will diminish rapidly. I wonder when Alonso joins Mclaren, I'd have lots of allies
  15. realick2002

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter from Wales. Good Luck to Mclaren
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