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  1. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns...

    Cool, nice, I remember you a little.
  2. Most boring race ever

    Best race in about 5 years.
  3. Alonso Moving On

    why all the focus on Alonso, is it because he's a way better driver than the car or He is in McLaren?
  4. Stunning Lap

    I remember one lap that was unbelievably fast but the cameras/director missed it all but the very end. Sub 1:29 Suzuka by Schumacher.
  5. The Side Of Schumi People Forget.

    Admitting it is the truth, Lying about it is worse
  6. The Side Of Schumi People Forget.

    Just some of the things I have heard of him doing just losses most of the respect he gets with me.
  7. Rip Jules

    I blame that the started the race later for a certin type of audience.
  8. Rip Jules

    yep, your 100% correct. They bring out the SC after the 2 ones goes.
  9. Rip Jules

    wasn't the safety car out?
  10. Is F1 Getting To Soft?

  11. British Grand Prix

    I think Mika.
  12. Australian Story Abc Tv 8.00Pm Tonight

    I just saw it because I taped it, it was really good.
  13. All Down To The Car...

    It is pretty much all down to the car and that's a compliment to the drivers. The drivers skills are very competitive at the moment and the cars not so much.
  14. How Do You Serve A 25 Place Grid Penalty

    Maybe to make it simpler, Button should of started the race at grid 42nd grid box (17+25), and then maybe it would happen less.