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  1. stupids apart...errr...fights apart... even though i like mika and when he drove against schumi i always wanted mika to win schumi... later i found there are no myths but in simple terms schumi is one of the great driver in f1 well the best as per statistics....earlier he was in ferrari at right place right time and right () attitude which earned him all his wdc...probably if he fits in similar package he can literally dominate the whole he did earlier...not sure if anyother driver cud do this to f1.... so guys...go ahead enjoy the race and dont conclude myths...
  2. tcs sponsered ferrari narain the first indian f1 driver mallya owns forceinda karun in hrt on top of that new track in-progress in greater noida, near new delhi, india india/indians are showing interest in f1 sport in various forms above mentioned participations in various forms are more important to indian fans at this stage...where the sport is getting bigger and bigger in india
  3. button was clearly overtook by hammy and to cover that he pitted he was lucky becoz vettel went down...kubi blocked massa who blocked alonso who kicked hammy ....with the help of webbo
  4. I don't have big hopes but I expect Force India to climb up the ladder before end of season
  5. full news " McLaren have confirmed that Fernando Alonso has left the team by mutual consent with immediate effect. Whilst the divorce was expected, its confirmation remains shocking in the sense that the marriage should have been a match made in heaven. Instead, Alonso's solitary season will be remembered only for acrimony and the nightmare spectre of the Stepneygate scandal that resulted in the team's expulsion from the Constructors' Championship due to the indiscretions of Alonso's email exchange with test driver Pedro de la Rosa. Alonso's disgruntlement centred on his belief that the team favoured Lewis Hamilton throughout the British's driver rookie year. Having allegedly blackmailed Dennis to install him as the team's number one driver, Alonso's departure ironically effectively confers that status on Hamilton instead. Hamilton can thus be regarded as the only winner in the split. McLaren have lost a driver who, despite the distraction of the interminable internal bickering, came within two points of winning a third successive World Championship. As for Alonso, with his route into Ferrari blocked by Felipe Massa's recent contract extension, his next move is bound to be a backwards step. The Spaniard has won few friends over the past twelve months but, after months of denouncements and accusations, Alonso was noticeably contrite and dignified in his farewell to the team. Wishing the entire team "the best for the future", he admitted: "I know there have been suggestions of favouritism within the team and people say a lot of things in the heat of battle, but in the end I was always provided with an equal opportunity to win." While no doubt partially relieved to have parted company with Alonso, the tone of Dennis' commentary was of disappointment and puzzlement that the alliance of Alonso and McLaren had so spectacularly failed to dovetail. "He is a great driver but for some reason the combination of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Fernando has not really worked out, and in the end we reached a stage where none of us could find a way to move forward. We all believe that our joint decision to part company is for the best, and we will now continue to focus on our 2008 World Championship challenge." There was no indication from the team on who will replace Alonso as Lewis Hamilton's team-mate next season, but Nico Rosberg, Heikki Kovalkanien and Jenson Button are bound to be considered as the leading contenders. "
  6. if lewis is made champ thru court then it will be interesting to see whether ferrari steps down from the sport or make mclaren stepdown next year due to using ferrari only one team will goto next year (if lewis is made champ)
  7. My happiest moment is described in my signature
  8. I voted Williams-> They found Rear diffuser , improved Computer-controlled active suspension , but overall in recent days I feel they really lack in engine power/reliability but still I found Lotus has more innovations "Top 10: greatest-ever F1 innovations" Major Formula 1 Technical Innovations
  9. if u r going sit near the speed trap(probably around 280kmph) then i doubt it will give any impact at all....
  10. true i think he was under more pressure and even the slightest diversion in the mind wudve caused him to press a wrong button.....if it is a engine failure by itself then i feel it is difficult for the system to regain to normal working condition..since it is a human error he was able to reinitialize the start sequence and push the car to the limit....note that when he pushed it to limit from last place to 7th nothing happened to car....
  11. too early to say.... looking with current status ferrari have advantage but looking back 2005 renault came from nowhere....also we dont know whether honda can pull a surprise they did long time back with button...also wmsa or fia is ready to dig the details of mclaren 2008 challenger and if it proves they are still using ferrari details then there will be no fine of 100musd instead mclaren may even not compete for 2008...who knows....lets wait for the new launches driver lineups...and then the actual practice sessions.....
  12. i dont have details abt bourdias but looks like mika has tipped nico rosberg Williams chiefs are not even contemplating letting Nico Rosberg depart to McLaren for the 2008 season. That is the insistence of the Grove-based team's co-owner and engineering boss Patrick Head, who addressed increasing speculation that the 22-year-old German would be an ideal replacement for Fernando Alonso next year. Rosberg is under contract to Williams for 2008, but some have suggested that McLaren's interest might be an excellent source of income for the independent team. "I don't think Rosberg's departure would be the death of the team but, as a competitive force, until we find somebody who could replace Nico, it would certainly be difficult," Head is quoted as saying. "It's something neither Frank (Williams) or myself is even contemplating. Cliquez ici... " Head's comments follow the visit to Interlagos of McLaren's last World Champion Mika Hakkinen, who told Finnish commercial television MTV3 that it is very unlikely Alonso will stay at the team in 2008. The Finn, still a close friend of Ron Dennis, specifically mentioned Rosberg, who he said would be a "great driver for McLaren."
  13. gud that lewis admitted....but i believe he still hopes for the appeal to turn in favor of him....and the words told to media as if he doesnt want title this way is just a joke.... during the race my only concern was these three gr8 people kubica,rosberg and nick shudnt take each other out and this fuel appeal i believe will be dismissed by FIA or WMSC or any other council ...
  14. either alonso goes to renault where he gets no.1 treatment or he takes a sabbatical ...... if he tries anyother team including mclaren then he may face some defeat on track and off the track inside team meetings....and defintely no preferential treatement (for him but it will be there for his team mate-> nowadays the trend is when a team says we treat equally then it means they give preferential treatment openly to other person who doesnt open his mouth to the media)
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