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  1. More of this yellow truck/tanker would be GREAT!!!
  2. F1 has always had team orders and #1 drivers...and it was only "outlawed" within the last 5-10 years.
  3. This isn't a new thing. Hasn't the FIA been watching McLaren since the crap at Hungary?
  4. I thought the San Marino GP was going to be back.
  5. I agree to some extent. However, I think the problem is that Americans get what they want, when they want...and a lot of it. Therefore, there needs to be innovation and creativity for new things (ideas/shows, etc...) to be noticed. I believe that is why there are SOOOOOO many NASCAR shows, each one has a new twist and the older ones are phased out after their concept has become boring.
  6. #1 and #3 are just instance of dumbing down the telecast in an attempt to attract new viewers. I find BOTH of these items very annoying...I used to be oblivious to #3, but EVERY flippin' show has a "crawl" on the screen with some B.S. #2 is a nice idea, but unless I have a LARGE TV, it's not enough to keep me in my seat for 2 minutes...and I have yet to see them break away from a TV ad for any on-track activity. I have, however, seen this happen in NASCAR during the Daytona 500...any they don't use the split-screen
  7. By the sounds of it, this will be a 1 lap qualification for the front runners...I thought the idea of the current format was to get the cars on track for the fans. STR, RBR, Honda, etc :...would take the entire time to attempt to get on top.
  8. People need to get out of the past...and start living in the future
  9. Even in death, he's still quicker than Yamamoto.
  10. 1) I would not want "push to pass." 2) I think ground effects would be the best solution and would allow for excellent races. 3) Eliminating circuits where overtaking is difficult? Name a circuit where it's NOT difficult to pass.
  11. "I know the truth and the truth is that McLaren as a company are not involved in this matter. And I just do not want to find through some process that our reputation is damaged. The rumours and spin that I have heard about this matter just leave me amazed." After everything that happened w/McLaren at Hungary, I don't trust a single word out of Ron Dennis' mouth. In fact, a sure way to tell that he's lying is to see if his lips are moving.
  12. Is it just me, or ar the Turkish Grid Girls the hottest chicks on the calendar?
  13. Wasn't that a loophole that allowed them to change the engine without penalty?
  14. I love this statement from McLaren... If only Jean Todt would have said something similar after Austria. If they wanted to give FA the benefit of extra fuel, why not alter the amount of fuel added to the cars?
  15. I think the media need to stop "consulting" Lauda, Stewart, etc...
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