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  1. Six murdered children unearthed in India ASHOK SHARMA Associated Press NOIDA, India
  2. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    If you define a "twat" as being someone who, all other things being equal, gets a lot of tail for little investment in time and money, then I'm happy to be one. You keep befriending fat broads and be merry, to each their own...
  3. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    I don't understand what you're talking about, perhaps you can explain the double standard to me? You put women on pedestals and worship the ground they walk on. That makes you a "nice guy" in the eyes of women and a complete pussy in mine. My guess is that your wife is rather homely as a result. This is consistent with the general truth that "a##holes" like me catch (and then promptly release) a large number of the available women while "nice guys" like you sit on the sidelines and bemoan the irnoy of this paradox. When you finally get a hold of one of our castaways (or one who never made the cut), you guys marry them first opportunity. That's what you did, didn't you? Marry the first broad you got your hands on... Way to go!
  4. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    And I would hope that my sister would not be primarily motivated by free dinners, drinks and gifts in her relations with men. Likewise the women who 'date' me, although it's really of no concern. By the way, is your wife hot or one of these respectable (homely) women that you presumably advocate? I'm guessing the latter, not by choice.
  5. What Are You Doing For Christmas?

    Well I'll give her the best I can but I'll no doubt have a lot of booze to contend with...
  6. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

  7. What Are You Doing For Christmas?

    I'm doing this broad from out of town who's in love with me for some reason. Go figure...
  8. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    Nobody said it was acceptable you fool, reread my comments. What I did say is that their religious beliefs are no less valid than yours even if they are more obviously absurd.
  9. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    Shane, their belief in their religion and everything that entails, stoning women to death and all, is no wackier than you believing in your religion... I think you're all nuts though.
  10. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    Haha, brilliant!
  11. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    Do you believe what you read in the bible?
  12. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    How so? I would love for men to have equal rights in North America but we don't...
  13. Missing Bajo39

    I know it's my fault!
  14. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    Who said anything about oppressing women? Anyway the middle eastern outlook on women is only as extreme as the western one relative to the world norm. Did you know that it is only in a few western countries (like the UK, US, Canada, etc), which make up a relatively small proportion of the world's population, that women are considered first among equals? You should travel more.
  15. How Do U Talk 2 Girls