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  1. Kimi Raikkonen

    Very nice site DarkLord, they've some great stuff about most drivers there
  2. Poll: Kovalainen Vs Fisico

    I thought they were pretty strong at Indy aswell, maybe only in Monaco they weren't the fastest.
  3. Jenson Button

    You guys mean Hockenheim 2004? That was an amazing battle to watch. I don't think he will regret going to Honda though, I think he's happy he stayed at Honda instead of going to Williams
  4. Jenson Button

    If they would have the same car I wouldn't know who is the quickest, impossible to tell. Maybe you just think KR and FA will be quicker because you are used to seeing that the last 2 years.
  5. Autosport Top 50 Drivers Of 2006

    This list of drivers makes no sense, but no list would really. It's already hard to compare F1 drivers, it's impossible to compare drivers over differend racing series. 65 points against 80 is quite an achievement actually when you compare their cars
  6. Who Are Your Top 3 Drivers In F1?

    Do you really care? Nobody agrees on them.
  7. Teamate Battles

    Alonso > Hamilton Fisichella > Kovalainen Raikkonen > Massa Button > Barrichello Heidfeld > Kubica Liuzzi ? Speed Schumacher = Trulli Webber = Coulthard Wurz = Rosberg Albers > Whoever will take that seat Davidson > Sato
  8. Who Are Your Top 3 Drivers In F1?

    In case you didn't notice I already said in my post that Alonso tested in 2002. I don't care about some useless rookie rule, fact is that Alonso didn't act like a rookie in 2003 in any way, being involved in F1 for 2 years and getting the youngest pole position and win in not even the best car on the track. My point is that between 2004-2005 the Renault improved a lot, at least that had the most influence on Alonso's championship. Every year the teams change a lot, their cars move up of down the rankings and the drivers just have to hope one year they have the best car of the field so they can fight for the wins. Alonso has been in the best team for 2 years now but if Mclaren won't get their act together he won't be champion next year. Same as Schumacher suddenly couldn't win anymore in 2005, it's not like he became a worse driver, his car just wasn't up for it.
  9. Poll - Alternative Championchip Without Ferrari

    And Renault got no votes. Just proves how unpredictable F1 is.
  10. Who Are Your Top 3 Drivers In F1?

    In 2003/2004 Alonso wasn't a rookie anymore, he did 1 full season plus a testing year at Renault. He was very impressive some races, in 2003 he won once, in 2004 he didn't. Then the next year he suddenly wins 7 races and the championship. Can't be just Alonso massively improving, he just had the best car on the grid and that was quite obvious to see. Next year his Mclaren might not be up for it, but then he still is the superstar who can win races, but he might not be able to do it. Will you say then that he massively deteriorated? It can change pretty fast for a F1 driver, look at Massa for instance. When he drove at Sauber people thought he was a bit reckless and didn't even see him as a top-10 driver. Now he's at Ferrari for 1 year and some people already believe he's in the top-3 of Formula 1. It's all about the car, that's just being underestimated.
  11. Who Are Your Top 3 Drivers In F1?

    In 2003/2004 Alonso was seen as a good driver. He didn't have the best car on the grid and he had some moments he got beaten by his teammate. He got some podiums and a win from pole when his competition got stuck behind a slower car. In 2005 he got the best car and he won the championship. Suddenly Alonso was a superstar who had proven everything. But without that car he wouldn't have been able to do that. If Renault would've stayed a subtopteam Alonso wouldn't have been a double Formula 1 champion, and he couldn't have done anything about it. That's the same with Button now, he can't prove more then he has done now in that car, he just has to hope for a better car in which he can seriously challenge for wins in any circumstances. Then suddenly everybody will see he can win and then everybody will say he has proven to be a winner. But that's just down to the car and not to Jenson.
  12. Modifying The Indy GP Circuit...

    Laguna Seca would be much better yes, seeing as it doesn't look like this Indianapolis track will change The current circuit is the same really, I just made the infield longer and also the oval a bit longer, but it really isn't that much longer though. Since when are we complaining about long straights anyway
  13. Modifying The Indy GP Circuit...

    I thought Michelin left F1. Also they can change their engine settings for the added 200m.
  14. Modifying The Indy GP Circuit...

    Actually I did, quite clear to be honest. Here's my version, made in paint.
  15. Poll: Rookie, The Worst In Recent Years

    Well every driver who drives his first race is seen as a rookie I guess. And Ide was the worst yes.