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    Awwww It was neither Button nor Mclaren's fault. Once Button had made the pass he was stuffed. The cars were too close so if he had tried to let Massa through Alonso would have got through too. Alonso overtook Massa immediately afterwards anyway so the damage had already been done. Bad luck
  2. Fed up

    Korean Gp

    +1 agree Alonso will win the WDC now - his 3rd. If he does it will be the best of the lot even topping 2006. It will be deserved IMO as he has demonstrated that he is the most complete driver in F1. Lewis' time will come
  3. Fed up

    Valencia Gp
  7. Fed up

    Honda Rescued!

    I've tolerated you for a while now, but it must be said that you have populated this board with nothing but conjecture and nonsense ever since you joined. You seem to have limited opinions on matters F1 other than an apparent obsession, bordering on insanity, for the goings on (or not as it appears) at Honda. There is a certain arrogance about you. You immediate refer the entire forum to your web page so that we can all appreciate that you are an Oxbridge grad, a musician, ex Renault F1 employee - blah blah blah - we must all bow down to the great Insider with his inside knowledge and superiority complex. You even have the front to attack valued posters like Puma with your favourite line; " do you know who I am" Carry on mate because you definitely don't impress me. You have a fantastic CV and you have achieved a lot in your life, but it still hasn't stopped you being a first class pr!ck. Rant over, carry on
  8. Fed up

    Honda Rescued!

    But, word has just come in that the sale is definitely going through. A friend of a friend's, chef's, best friend's brother's girfriend has just told me on the sly. After all the car is gonna be a real contender for the title as Honda spent all last season and the season before that and before that preparing for the 2009 season and their wind tunnel forecasts JB will lift the WDC in 2010 12,900 comments and 10+ pages and we're still no further forward. Over to you Insider
  9. Fed up

    Honda Rescued!

    Exactly! I don't see any ambiguity in this statement
  10. Fed up

    Honda Rescued!

    Now, where have I heard that before.
  11. Therein lies the problem, Brad. I like Kimi and I was puzzled that he appeared to be marginalised by the team, but I guess what others are saying is that he perhaps doesn't help his cause by his work ethic. Here's hoping he and Lewis are the front runners in 2009
  12. I don't entirely agree with you Brad, but I can see your point. It is indeed weird that Kimi, the reigning WDC, was struggling with a car that appeared more suited to the mediocre Massa. One would have thought that the development process would have been tailored to kimi rather than Massa given his points advantage and the fact that he was the reigning WDC. I don't buy into theories that a team will deliberately sabotaged one of it's own as the 'team' ultimately loses out in the end. I guess we'll have to add this mystery to the same mystery that earned kimi a WDC in the first place
  13. Fed up

    Honda Rescued!

    ...without a car launch or any form of testing?????????? Wishful thinking it seems to me.
  14. Fed up

    Honda Rescued!

    Production has been halted in the Honda Factory in Swindon for 4 months - It really does seem as though demand for Honda cars has fallen through the floor. I can't see the team being able to justify F1 while it's entire UK staff are twiddling their thumbs at home
  15. The church welcomes the lonely and displaced.
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