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  1. Who Likes Mika Hakkinen?

    IMO it seemd like a popular theme in his postrace interviews. I have also herd a number of others make the same comment (after I made my observation).
  2. Who Likes Mika Hakkinen?

    I voted no, because he was very often complaining about why he didn't do better or win by more. I kno all drivers do it but none as much as Mika, although JPM is trying.
  3. Your Favourite Ever Season

    1982, Almost anyone could win. 1992, FW14B was an awesome car. 1999, Ditto 1982 to a slightly lesser extent. 2001, Alonso's debut year. 2002/4, Ditto 1992 but for F2002/F2004 2005, Alonso's debut year (here's hoping, please not Kimi)
  4. Michelins Punishment

    I'm sorry but i went off no deep end it was a calm deliberate explination that if you read again was not berrating this sepcific forum not any individuals, just commenting on forum culture in general.
  5. Michelins Punishment

    All the topices on the first page are about Michelin the USGP and punishing Michelin and in that are upwards of 650 posts some of them quite long, sorry I that makes you think I read slow but I admit I cannot read 650 posts in 10 Min!!
  6. Michelins Punishment

    Grow up, if you don't want to help someone you can just so so you don't have to be a AR$H0LE
  7. Michelins Punishment

    Even just the fisrt page takes a long time to get throuh, especially when ur busy.
  8. Michelins Punishment

    Sorry I didn't realise, forums in general get quite messy with dozens of threads all on the same topic, I im quite a busy person I didn't have a spare 18 hours to flick through 50 different threads. I case any one notices the irony of such a statment in a topic I started, I would like to suggest on a given topic it is a self perpetuating problem, once it starts you have to contine the trend, or go unheard. Although if you would kindly tell me where this idea has previously been discussed I would like 2 read the comments expresses
  9. Michelin Shall Be Punished!!!

    They have been 2 Indy before so they knew the basic loads required. The fact the corner was diamond grinded is no excuse, grind a porus surface and it gets more abrasive (grippier). Or did the think the contractors got out there on their hands and knees with their pieces of emery
  10. Michelins Punishment

    Who is 2 blame? Only Michelin Ferrari, Jordan, Minardi, The FIA, FOSA, GPDA, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, The Fans etc do not have 2 make concessions for the incompetence of 1 company, MICHELIN So I feel the most apporiate sanctions are - Do not penalise Michelin in the championship, don't go fiddling with the points you will make the situation worse. - Do not impose a direct fine. - Accept all requests 4 refunds 4 Travel, Accomidation, and Circuit entry to USGP ticket holders and hand the bill 2 Michelin and demand that they pay up.
  11. Ferrari Totally Innocent

    Of course Ferrari wouldn't have been as good as the McLarens because Bridgestone actually designed tyres 4 the track they were at, crazy I know but they did it!
  12. Live From Usgp

    You seem 2 b more deluded than anyone else on this forum, even some of the other Ferrari haters in the forum. How can you blame Ferrari for Michelins incompetence.
  13. Michelin

    Imagine the costs, inequality and even safety concerns if drivers/teams/tyre companies can chop and change tyres as much as they like.
  14. Michelin

    Anyone who believes that Michelin have any less than 100% of the blame, is blind and stupid. IT IS MICHELINS FAULT rules are rules this is not the first time Michelin have been guilty of sheer stupidity a couple of years ago it was blatent cheating, this time it is dangerous negligence. They were until a couple of days ago a well respected company, they should have known what the requirements were from their tyres. If they are really incompetent enough not to know the tyres wouldn't work it Indy, then I am woried, scared even, that they have even been in F1 until now. Do not blame Bridgestone Do not blame Ferrari, Jordan or Minardi Do not blame any of the Michelin teams Do not blame any of the drivers IT IS 100% Michelin The sooner my team gets off Michelin the better!!!
  15. Most Disliked F1 Driver

    Sounds like Hakkinen, I hated him getting on the podium the press conferences often were a wingeing session, even at times when he win.