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  1. Robert Kubica On The Spot

    Hmmm interesting read. Best of luck to Kubica who I like quite a bit.
  2. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Queen! I absolutley love the monarchy. It dosen't really get anywhere near the publicity here as in UK (obviously) but I am proud to have her on our coins and money as well as representing Canada as our head of state. I think the monarchy is a tradition that should always continue.
  3. Villeneuve Eyes Imola Podium

    I'd really like to see Jacques on the podium again, it's been far too long. Honestly it's going too be a struggle in this race considering his position but I can definatly envison Jacques talking some points.
  4. Baseball Fantasy Leauge

    I miss Les Expos. Could care less about baseball now.
  5. Coulthard First British Driver To Reach F1 Milestone

    Hamilton?!?! A tad bit premature to predict that one I say. Jenson... a possibility I guess considering his still young age and that the point system in modern day F1 would be favourable to him.
  6. Coulthard First British Driver To Reach F1 Milestone

    Oh is that so now? Perhaps we should put a vote to it with the rest of the forum.... Everyone else which is the better DC face?
  7. Coulthard First British Driver To Reach F1 Milestone

    Well I tried to find a picture of DC and Jv (my two favourite drivers together) for my avatar but no luck for me finding one. I had no choice but to do a DC solo one since half of the forum seems to have a JV one.
  8. Coulthard First British Driver to Reach F1 Milestone Posted by: MSulka on Apr 08, 2006 - 12:00 AM Formula 1 News Coulthard First British Driver to Reach F1 Milestone F1 veteran David Coulthard notched up a milestone with his late point in the Australian grand prix. Although only inherited after Scott Speed's stewards penalty - and after copping a face-full of swear words - the Scot's eighth place took his formula one career points tally to 500. Red Bull's 34-year-old is the first British driver to achieve the record. _________________________________________________ Congragulations David to another career milestone.
  9. BMW Launches F1 Theme Park!

    A Canadian stop means I will be there!
  10. Long Beach Grand Prix

    Hmmm. I might watch this on TV. Have fun pumpdoc.
  11. The Person Before

    Posts a Yuji Ide pic Possibly an in the closet fan....
  12. Monteiro And Albers

    I was impressed by the Albers/Doornbas pairing at Minardi last year. So I voted Albers.
  13. Speed Loses Point And Slams DC

    I don't know where all of these Scott Speed fans showed up. *Me giggles at the very notion of the word "fan" being connected with Scott Speed* Some of the anti-Coultard comments expressed by some here range from outrageous to just plain idiodic. DC is one of the most solid, most consistent racers on the grid. DC is a man who has been able to attract top teams with his driving ability throughout his lon career. Is he getting up there in age? Sure he definatley is. Does he still have the abilities he's demonstrated in the past? I think so. Case in point his solid season at Red Bull last year. I'll eat my words in a couple of months if he morphs into Yuji Ide, but I doubt it and I think he'll give Red Bull a nice amount of points provided the car is up to shape.
  14. MF1 And SAF1 Protest STR V10s

    The restricted V10s were spedcifically developed fo Minardi in mind NOT STR. FIA please end this madness.
  15. Speed Loses Point And Slams DC

    Has Klien really been better than DC? Klien was very impressive last year outqualifiying DC on many occasions however DC was the better of the two in the actual races. If were going by this year - DC has been the better driver. Klien has gotten himself into two accidents out of the three hes contested, while DC has been much more reliable. If DC is replaced, I would guess JPM would be more likely to replace him than Speed going by what the rumours are. I think Massa is another guy who will possibly replace DC because of the Ferrari engine connection once Ferrari sacks him but thats all just speculaion. Indeed